10 Ways Having A Dog Makes Your Life Immensely Better

Living With Our Furry Friends May Just Help Us In More Ways Than We Realize

Dogs are simply awesome. They are cuddly, warm, and affectionate beings that fill our lives with love, laughter, and happiness. Apart from these general positive traits, they also provide us with many other lesser-known and surprising benefits. Living with our furry friends may just help us in more ways than we realize. Here is a list of ten ways in which our lives are monumentally better when dogs are in it.

1. Dogs Help Strengthen Our Relationships

: Couples With Pets Have A Lot Less Stress When Dealing With Conflicts

A few studies have found that couples with pets have a lot less stress when dealing with conflicts than those who don’t. Dogs may provide couples with a shared responsibility that improves their overall commitment toward each other. Some studies also indicate that dog ownership is considered to be attractive among some people. Having a dog around may also make people generally nicer to each other.

2. They Help Lower Stress Levels

Studies Have Found That Human Interaction With Pets Can Lower Stress Levels

Experiencing stress for extended periods of time can be extremely detrimental to an individual’s physical and mental health. Chronic stress is known to cause numerous health problems including headaches, insomnia, tense muscles, weight gain, constipation, and diarrhea. It also weakens the immune system and increases heart-related risks. Studies have found that human interaction with animals and pets can lower stress levels dramatically. This lowered stress is the result of increased oxytocin and decreased cortisol production.

3. They May Aid In Cancer Detection

 Dogs May Be Able To Sniff Out Cancer In People

A few studies have suggested that dogs may be able to sniff out cancer in people. Canine cancer detection relies on the dog’s olfactory ability to detect compounds produced by malignant cancer cells. It is essential to note that there is no conclusive evidence to this ability and further research is required.

4. They Help Reduce The Risk Of Developing Allergies

 Children Who Grow Up With Dogs Are Less Likely To Develop Allergies

Several studies have found that children who grow up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies than those who don’t. Some studies also indicate that exposure to dogs during pregnancy and infancy increases the child’s immunity to certain allergic diseases like wheezing and atopic dermatitis.

5. They Help Keep Our Hearts Healthy

 Owning A Dog May Make Your Heart Healthier

Owning a dog may make your heart healthier. According to evidence reviewed by the American Heart Association, dog owners are more likely to exercise, have a better cholesterol profile, have lower blood pressure, be less vulnerable to the physical effects of stress, and be more likely to survive a heart attack.

6. They Help Detect Low Blood Sugar Levels

 Some Dogs Have Been Trained To Detect Hypoglycemia In Diabetic Individuals

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a medical condition that may arise as a result of diabetes treatment. The symptoms of low blood sugar include confusion, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Some dogs have been trained to detect hypoglycemia in diabetic individuals. These diabetes assist-dogs notify their humans when they detect a change in their owner’s breadth indicating a drop in blood sugar levels.

7. They Help Improve Our Mental Health

Having a dog at home may improve your mental health as well. Some studies have found that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. People have also reported a generally happier and healthier state of mind when in the company of their dogs.

8. They May Help Improve Our Social Lives

Strangers are more likely to initiate conversation with you if you are out with your dog than if you were out by yourself. Being a dog owner also gives you the opportunity to interact with other dog owners at dog parks or cafes. Some studies have also found that having a dog is seen as an attractive feature by some people. You never know – your dog may even help you get dates.

9. They Help Motivate You To Be Physically Active

When compared to other pets, dogs are more likely to motivate their owners to take them out or engage in some physical activity with them. It may just be a walk or a game of fetch but it can encourage the dog owner to be more active.

10. They Help Foster Empathy In Children And Prevent Loneliness In The Elderly

Of course dogs are great company for people of all ages but they are especially so for children and seniors. Dogs can help develop a sense of empathy in children. Seniors and only children with dogs are less likely to be lonely as dogs serve as a non-judgmental companion to talk to.