5 Dietary Benefits Of Drinking More Water

Health Benefits Of Consuming More Water

Water sparkles, water flows and it gives life. About 71% of Earth’s surface is water.1 An adult human body is 60% water.2 The human brain is approximately 78% water!3

Sufficient and regular consumption of water helps in weight loss as regular consumption of water leads to lower calorie intake.4 A recent research also points out that drinking more water leads to less consumption of sodium, sugar, saturated fat, and cholesterol.5


There are several benefits of consuming adequate water, let’s have a look at 5 dietary benefits of drinking more water:

1. Helps Reduce Sugar Intake

Drinking More Water Leads To Lower Sugar Intake


Water contains no calories or carbohydrates. When you consume adequate water, you feel full, and you tend to consume less of other food and drinks. Thus, reducing your sugar intake. Water consumption is also linked to reduced energy intake.6

2. Helps Promote Weight Loss

Drinking More Water Will Help In Weight Loss


Trying to lose weight by running miles at stretch? Well, you need to relax and drink more water to lose weight. It has been proven that by drinking more water your body burns extra calories.7 Also, you will burn additional calories if you drink cold water, since the body uses additional calories to warm the water up to the body temperature.

3. Flushes Out Toxins

Water Helps In Flushing Out The Harmful Toxins


Our body flushes out toxins through various mechanism such as urination, excretion, and even during sleep.8 Organs such as kidneys, liver, and lungs help the body in getting rid of the unwanted substances. Water is essential for this natural clean-up process, water even carries the nutrients in our body.

Water acts as a natural lubricant, water helps soften the stool, our kidneys are dependent on water for flushing out the toxins.


4. Helps Maintain Healthy Level Of Bodily Fluids

Water Helps Maintain The Level Of Bodily Fluids

Maintaining a right level of bodily fluids is essential for proper functioning of the body.9 Water is present in urine, blood, and body fluids. Drinking more water will help maintain a healthy level of bodily fluids. The body even excretes extra water in the form of urine.10


5. Improves Digestion and Prevents Constipation

To Improve The Digestion Drink More Water

Do you often feel constipated? Chances are high that low water intake is the main reason.11 Water is useful for dissolving the fats and soluble fiber. Drinking more water will lead to softer stool formation. Constipation can be avoided by drinking more water.12



Consuming more water has several benefits, however, always consult your doctor before changing your fluid intake pattern. Also, seek medical assistance immediately if you face any problem by consuming more water.