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What Is The Right Way To Drink Water From A Copper Vessel?

For Ayurveda, copper is an extremely important metal. This is because, for thousands of years, India and other Asian countries would collect and store water in large...
Water safety tips for kids.

Water Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe At Home And Outside

Water safety is crucial for anyone with a child. Being aware of hazards and ensuring your children follow water safety rules could lower risk of drowning in the pool, at home, or out by the sea or lake. Temperature, cleanliness, and sunlight exposure too could make water perilous so stay informed!

5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Gymming

Chewing your way through your food can help you combat weight gain problems. Tricks like using smaller-sized tableware and loading half your plate with non-starchy veggies can also help you cut portions and lose weight. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will kick-start your metabolism and prevent unhealthy snacking, while swapping the soda for zero-calorie water can also make losing weight a lot easier.

Is Mineral Water Good For Your Health? 5 Possible Health Benefits

Mineral water may contain some amount of nutrients like magnesium and calcium. Some specialty mineral waters may also contain silicon and sulfates which help nerves and improve bowel health, respectively. However, mineral water may not be enough to fix a mineral deficiency or to replace other nutrient-rich foods. Also, the mineral content varies from brand to brand, so choose carefully.

6 Tips For Working Professionals To Stay Healthy

For a lot of people, the pursuit of staying healthy - both mentally and physically while juggling a work life balance seems like an...
How long you can live without food depends on your body and the environment.

How Long Can You Live Without Food? The Answer You’re Hungry For

Your health, weight, and environment affect how long you can live without food. While short-term fasting has health benefits like lower risk of obesity and better control of diabetes, starving over 48 hours depletes your glucose store, and by 72 hours, your body starts eating into its protein reserves. This results in muscle loss, reduced bone density, and even kidney and heart problems. Long-term starvation or undereating may even result in multiple organ failure and blood poisoning and eventually, death.
Tips for healthy skin.

5 Steps To Follow For Healthy, Clear Skin

A glowing, healthy skin is the stuff of everybody's fantasy. But thanks to the pollution we're exposed to on a daily basis, our skin...

Why Drinking Ultra-Pure Water Can Be Dangerous

When you are thirsty, there is nothing more refreshing than drinking a tall glass of cold, pure, and clean water. It instantly cools you...

5 Tips To Quickly Remove Alcohol From Your System

In order to reduce the effect of alcohol on your body, you have to get it out of your system and find methods to replace what your body lost. You can help the body expel alcohol by drinking lots of water the entire day. Green tea can also contribute with its antioxidants. Eat foods like asparagus or those rich in potassium and other lost nutrients to detoxify the body. Try to increase your metabolism by exercising.

This Is Why Detox Diets Are A Hoax

The idea that munching on celery sticks and downing wheatgrass shots to atone for all the health sins you committed in 2017 seems too...

5 Myths About Male Baldness You Thought Were True

Having recently noticed that male pattern baldness runs in your family, you've begun spending every morning in front of the mirror trying to examine your...
Rectal bleeding caused when you poop are called hemorrhoids

Why You Need To Take Hemorrhoids Seriously

Many of us must have faced the issue of hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles. Hemorrhoids are the swelling of veins in the lowest part...

Activated Charcoal: Top 7 Benefits And What Science Says

It is surprising to know that something as black as charcoal can actually whiten your teeth. But, it's true. Besides making your teeth sparkle,...

How To Plan The Perfect Diet For Your Young Athlete

The younger you are, the more energy you spend. Be it a 4-year-old or an 18-year-old, youngsters need a lot more fuel than an...
Alkaline water improves metabolism, reduces weight, and boosts overall health

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

We drink water every day to maintain our health and stay hydrated. But is the water we drink healthy and safe? Nowadays, most of...