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10 Side Effects Of Plastic Surgery You Should Know About!

If you are scheduled to have plastic surgery or are considering it, know that there are some side effects and emotions to prepare for. While anesthesia itself can cause problems for some, you may also experience some pain, bleeding, scarring, or even an infection. For an unlucky few, a hematoma, seroma, or deep vein thrombosis may also crop up.
5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

This new year, you’ve decided to take better care of your hair. From applying heat protection sprays before styling your mane to once-a-week deep...

Grocery Shopping On A Budget: When And What To Buy Organic

There is a lot to grocery shopping than just buying fruits and vegetables that look right to you. If you are purchasing an apple...

Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic Containers

From food storage to toiletries, carry bags to water bottles, we're quite dependent on plastic. There's no question about the convenience, be it in...

Toxin-Overload May Worsen Fibromyalgia Symptoms

To the outside world, someone with fibromyalgia could look just like anyone else. In reality, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes...
Follow a few easy liver-cleansing steps in life and stay healthy and happy.

Liver Cleansing: 4 Easy Steps And A 24-Hour Liver Detox Drink

While we are running the race of our lives, we often tend to ignore what we eat and drink. This can tough to deal with...

Can Drinking A Cup Of Tea Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

Fibromyalgia has been a mystery to most doctors and scientists as its causes are uncertain. The condition is characterized by chronic pain – mental,...

Eating Organic On A Budget: 7 Things You Should Know

If you want to make some changes in your diet and go the organic way, there are some fool-proof ways to make it happen without going broke. For example, you could try to cut down on another expense to save money for your organic produce or get coupons to cut down the cost. You could also just buy produce that is grown locally and seasonally so that it is better for the wallet, health and the environment.

Harmful Effects Of Pesticides On Human Health

Brief exposure to pesticides can cause topical reactions like blisters, rashes, and respiratory discomfort. Chronic exposure can have much more serious effects including sterility, genetic changes, nerve disorders, asthma, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, thyroid tumors, and reduced motor skills. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the toxins in pesticides.
The household cleaning chemicals that you use often contain toxic chemicals

Effective Ways To Clean Your Home Without Using Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

All of us take measures to clean our homes. Spring cleaning is common all around the world and especially in American homes. Indoor air...

7 Reasons Why Organic Farming Is The Best

For a long time, critics of organic farming believed that this method of farming was simply not realistic for our current population. Modern farming...

4 Health Dangers Of Exposing Yourself To Thirdhand Smoke

The sticky, toxic nicotine and other chemicals from secondhand tobacco smoke cling to walls and ceilings, curtains, carpets, and other upholsteries. These can react with common indoor air pollutants like nitrous acid and ozone to form carcinogenic nitrosamines and ultrafine particulate matter that can cause brain, liver, and DNA damage, weaken your immunity, and increase one's risks of cancer. Children and hospitality workers are more susceptible to thirdhand smoke.

All About Water-Soluble B Complex And C Vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C and eight B vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate, and cobalamin. The body doesn’t store them, so your everyday diet should have enough. All B vitamins serve as coenzymes for essential functions like metabolism, energy production, and DNA synthesis. Many are also needed for a healthy nervous system and brain health. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, supports the immune system by enhancing immune cells.

5 Deadly Toxins In Sanitary Napkins And Tampons

Sanitary napkins and tampons are not as safe as you think. Even the cotton ones are loaded with toxic pesticides and dioxin, which affect estrogen functioning. Bisphenol A, which is added to make pads and tampons flexible, has been found to affect embryonic development when exposed women conceive. Bleached rayon, which makes pads and tampons look squeaky clean, can cause yeast and bladder infections. You may also experience allergic reactions to a compound called methyldibromo glutaronitrile.

Ditch Plastic Containers, Here Are 5 Safer Alternatives Instead

Plastic containers can leach harmful toxins into your food and can even cause cancer. Switching to non-plastic materials for all your storing needs can keep your food safe and healthy. For storing dried herbs, rice, and pickles, glass is a good choice. Silicone containers can be used for salads and dry fruits. Use cloth food sacks for sandwiches and stainless steel for gravy dishes. These are more durable and easy to maintain.