6 Simple Reasons To Stay By Her Side During Pregnancy

Pregnancy starts as a new phase in the life of a woman. It is a change, which even if accepted cannot be fully prepared for. Every pregnancy is different and unique. However, there is one thing common in all pregnancies—all moms need the care and support while they are dealing with physical and mental pressures and pains.

Partners, now is the time you must support your better halves through her daily pregnancy challenges in small but significant ways. Here is why you must go a step ahead for your lady love and the baby she is carrying.


1. To Provide Her With Emotional Support

The raging pregnancy hormones can play havoc in a woman’s life. It may seem crazy but she really needs you right at that moment when you feel she is behaving awkward. She may seem terribly sad because you ate the last piece of pizza instead of offering it to her. She might even cry out of frustration or discomfort. Talk to her—tell her she is even more special now carrying the miracle of your lives. Isn’t she the harbinger of happiness for both of you? Let her know!

2. Because She Needs Physical Support Too

When she is dealing with all those bodily changes, take charge and let her take the back seat. Chores like cooking and cleaning are easy tasks, to begin with. But, what can you do for her? A foot massage could feel blissful when the baby is weighing her down. A back massage could soothe her pain. Think on how to relieve her of the burden of too much physical work that can exhaust her.


3. Care And Attention Are Must

It is not just about your partner’s well-being, but baby health care as well. If your partner is physically stressed, the baby could also be in the same state. Ensure that she is having a proper diet, is eating on time and getting enough rest. Encourage her for yoga or prenatal classes to keep her active. Accompany her to the doctor—make sure her pregnancy period is a healthy and happy one.

4. She Counts On You

If this pregnancy is new for her, you must know that she feels the need for someone to be around her—to share her fears and anxiousness, for advice and suggestions on her daily routines, and during meeting with her gynecologist. She relies on you—you are the one she will look up to when fatigue or pain takes over. Be with her, be there—that is all she wants.


5. It Is A Long Way Ahead

9 long months is a long time. Of course, it is not just the time, but the developments that take place in that period. Everyday, during these months, may be similar to you, but your partner’s body is transforming in wondrous ways to accommodate a growing life. Being beside your lovely wife, who is glowing with feeling of motherhood is not just a responsibility—it is rather an experience for the dads-to-be.

6. Our Baby, Not Her Baby

Naturally, women have the power and endurance to carry a baby and give birth. That doesn’t make it her task alone to take care of her own physical and emotional needs. Understand that even if your side work was done well before, it isn’t her job alone to play the role of the parent—after all, it is your baby as well. As a partner, you are an equal part of the pregnancy. Make sure you do everything to make her feel comfortable and glad.


You can’t make the journey any easier, but you can make it special by supporting your partner. You have a bigger role to play in the pregnancy, keeping the mother healthy and the baby safe.