10 Things To Avoid When Visiting A Newborn

It is very heartwarming and exciting to hold a newborn baby who is trying to unfold his tiny clenched fists. But always bear in mind that healthy respect of boundaries will help the new parents a great deal and put them at ease.

A new mom would be too tired to notice or tell you for the fear of offending you, if you are not baby-friendly. Consider these few things in mind before you visit a newborn or probably you won’t be invited next time.


10 Things To Avoid When Visiting A Newborn

1. Don’t Wake The Baby

We know that it’s so amazing to see those beautiful big eyes. But it’s also a no-brainer not to disturb a sleeping baby. Babies, especially, newborns need to sleep at least 18 hours a day which helps their development. Also, the parents would have spent a lot of time comforting and get the baby to sleep. You would be in their not-to-be-invited-next-time list if you wake a sleeping baby on your first visit.

2. Don’t Smoke

It’s good to be sensitive rather than insensitive. Smoking before or during the visit is a strict no-no. Toxins from the cigarette will stay on your breath and also on your clothes. This transfers to the baby through the air, it is called passive smoking. Also, the baby doesn’t need your bad breath. Make sure you wear nice and clean clothing without strong perfumes when you go visiting.


3. Don’t Hold Hot Stuff In Hand While Holding The Baby

It is just terrifying and worrying for a mom to see somebody holding her baby while sipping a hot coffee or any drink. One million questions about the safety of her baby just pop in the head. “What if the hot drink spills on the baby? What if the cup breaks? What if the baby kicks the cup?” Never ending panicky ‘what if’ thoughts will stress her out. This is not fair on you when you visit a newborn.

4. Don’t Kiss The Baby

Thumbs up on this one from us too – babies are so kissable and their head so sniffable – we do agree! But it’s common sense not to kiss the baby, let alone on their lips. It is the most unhygienic way of expressing your love to the newborn. If you want to kiss the baby to just bond and snuggle, ask permission from the parents. Hopefully, don’t force them to give you an affirmative. Just watch your manners.


5. Don’t Visit When You Are Unwell

You don’t want the little baby to catch an infection from you, do you? It is very simple to understand that people pass down infection or flu at close quarters. Wait till you get well and go visit the baby. The baby can wait for your visit and be away from infections. It’s a known fact that the newborn has not yet been exposed to any germs or infections. Please don’t go see the baby when you are unwell.

6. Don’t Be Late

Even if you are going to be just two minutes late, a heads up message about being late would be much appreciated by new parents. They are not waiting with full energy to entertain all guests at their own convenient time. Be a little courteous and apologize for being late. After all the new parents would be tired and exhausted.


7. Don’t Take Other Kids Unless Invited

Being a new mother would be so overwhelming, especially if it’s the first baby. Don’t take any other kids along unless invited. No matter how lovely and well-behaved kids you would be taking along, nothing like taking away the attention that a newborn would be enjoying. It is best not to assume they are invited and take them over.

8. Don’t Forget To Wash Hands

It is the basic etiquette before touching a baby. When you are visiting a newborn, they are prone to many infections very easily. They are protected, kept wrapped in a soft blanket, and away from any germs. Please wash your hands before carrying the baby and use a blanket under the baby while carrying.


9. Don’t Stare While Breastfeeding

Nobody likes to be stared at, especially a new mom breastfeeding her baby. Breastfeeding is natural and you don’t make a big deal out of it. If she is a first-time mom, breastfeeding is very much new to her. Both the baby and mom would find many difficulties along the way. Don’t give her a shock by making faces while she is breastfeeding. Sure, curiosity kills but it’s only good if you let her focus on feeding rather than making her uncomfortable.

10. Don’t Give Unwanted Advice

Unsolicited advice is not great. Don’t give unnecessary advice and join the other voices that might be annoying her. Be there for her, support, and offer help. Let her know that you are there to support any time she needs you. Otherwise, keep your thoughts and advice to yourself.