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7 Intriguing And Scientifically Proven Traits Men Find Attractive In Women

It is a proven fact that men are simple visual creatures. They see, they like, and they get attracted. But it would be wrong...

6 Steps To Get Closure After A Painful Breakup

Imagine you are walking on a road and suddenly you fall down after twisting your ankle. Amazingly, you find a cane at your disposal....

The Art Of Letting Go And 4 Steps To Do It Effectively

Letting go of something or someone is one of the hardest things we have to do. And it is even harder when we don’t...

7 Non-Biological Markers Of Good Health

A few everyday things can indicate longevity and good health. Social well being is associated with good overall health. Being able to lift moderately heavy things, walk backward, and run a mile indicate longevity. A positive sense of self and emotional health lowers the risk of mortality. Being able to recall words, events, and conversations indicate good health. Alternatively, financial stress, early retirement, and overloading on prescriptions increase the risk of an early death.

Live A Stress-Free Life With This Mindful Movement

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice. The benefits can change the way you handle stress, and ultimately, help you regain control of life. You’ll feel much calmer thanks to the controlled breathing techniques. It’ll also improve the gut-brain axis and help qi, your life energy, move more freely. And as Tai Chi lowers the stress hormone cortisol, your body will get a better handle on inflammation, immunity, and chronic pain.

Is Your Body Physically Manifesting Your Repressed Emotions?

Sometimes there are things we feel deep inside us but are often not aware of it superficially. Our repressed emotions can often find weird...

The Link Between Perpetual Irritability/Anger And Depression

While anger is a completely normal human emotion, reacting angrily to even the slightest of triggers can be a sign of depression. A perpetual state of anger can cause depression, though the reverse can also be true. Because this can get worse over time, it's best to find ways to curb not just one's anger but also the anxiety that often triggers the anger in the first place.

Do Your Emotions Affect The Way You Smell?

When we meet a person for the first time, it takes a bit of time for us to know that person. Humans often use...

6 Common Lies Parents Shouldn’t Tell Their Children

Parents always advise their children to tell the truth and steer clear from lies. That is a great advice for everyone. But a lot...

Seven Things You Can Do To Get Over Your Regrets

Regret is a thought and feeling that is characterized by sadness and disappointment over something that one has done or failed to do in...

4 Reasons Why Diets Are Bad For The Body And Mind

The restrictive nature of diets makes weight loss both unsustainable and unhealthy in the long run. By categorizing foods as "good" and "bad", diets encourage developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Going on and off diets can increasing one's risk of developing heart disease and eating disorders. Furthermore, diets don't address the root cause of emotionally-driven eating habits, thus ultimately making a person revert to his old unhealthy ways.

6 Signs That Indicate You Need To See A Therapist ASAP

Therapy is awesome and can help people deal with their problems, express whatever it is they are feeling, identify complex emotions, and resolve emotional...
Eating the right food can help you stay mentally and physically healthy.)

5 Health Conditions And Foods That Help Alleviate Them

Often, we face certain health issues due to lack of sleep, feel bloated, get affected by PMS blues, and suffer from mild irritation throughout...

The Many Health Benefits Of Probiotics

You now have one more reason to enjoy your cup of yogurt! Fermented foods like yogurt (and probiotic supplements) have in them live microorganisms which...

Fight Stress With These Science-Backed Coping Strategies

Stress is a normal part of life, so it helps to know how to cope. Start by avoiding negative strategies like drinking too much alcohol, eating poorly, and suppressing emotions. To feel better, try emotion-based coping like sleep, exercise, meditation, and spending time with people. It’ll pave the way for handling the situation with solution-based coping. This may include finding what you can change, confronting with “I feel” statements, and finding lessons to learn.