5 Health Problems A Holistic Health Cleanse Can Cure.

5 Health Problems A Holistic Health Cleanse Can Cure
5 Health Problems A Holistic Health Cleanse Can Cure


The word cleansing is thrown around alot. Often it means going from long stretches of time without food, only liquids, some powdered processed drink or odd concoction (maple syrup, cayenne and lemon anyone?), and this is supposed to be healthy? If you are looking for natural, long term health, no none of this is healthy. It may benefit you in the short term, ie sudden weight loss, clearing up of minor health symptoms temporarily, but long term you are doing your body more harm then good.

A holistic health cleanseis different. There is no deprivation or odd concoctions, just natural straight forward health principals. Holistic means completed so in a holistic health cleanse you target all areas of health at the same time to achieve total health.

Because a holistic health cleanse is complete, and addresses all areas of health at the same time, it is extremely effective at healing the body, bringing the body back into balance and restoring overall health.

Here are 5 Health Problems A Holistic Health Cleanse (Raw Vitality) Can Cure.

1. Cardiovascular Problems

The number one cause of death in the US is heart disease. Heat disease is not a health problem that appears over night, but takes a lifetime to develop. We are now learning that chronic health problems begin even in childhood. How you are eating, exercising and managing your stress today will determine if and when you will experience heart disease. Heart disease is caused by poor dietary practices, including a high proportion of animal products and fats, fried foods, processed foods, not enough fiber, not enough plant based foods and not enough nutrients.


Throughmeditation, yogaand balanced consistent exercise, like found in the 30 day Raw Vitality program, the stress impact on the body is reduced and reversed and a consistent sustainable exercise program is developed and implemented.

2. Cancer

If you live in a Western culture chances are you, someone you know or love has been effected by one of the most deadly diseases of our time, cancer in it’s many forms. Cancer research dollars continue to poor in but a “cure” is still no closer to being found. That is because the best way to get rid of cancer is to prevent it from occurring and in the US no attention is placed on preventing cancer.


Only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be attributed to genetic defects, whereas the remaining 90–95% have their roots in the environment and lifestyle.  The lifestyle factors include cigarette smoking, diet (fried foods, red meat), environmental pollutants, stress, obesity, and physical inactivity. If you knew you could prevent 90-95% of your chance of getting cancer just by changing your diet, how you manage stress and balanced, consistent exercise would you want to learn exactly what you need to do?

3. Diabetes

We know diabetes type 2 or the type you get later in life, is related directly to obesity and lack of physical exercise. Specifically type 2 diabetes is caused by the types of foods one is eating (high amount of sugars, processed foods and animal products) and not eating (not enough fresh, plant based foods).


Beyond that we are now learning that type 1 diabetes is being classified as an autoimmune disease, meaning the body begins to attack its own healthy tissue damaging it to a point of complete break down. Autoimmunity is caused often by chemical pollutants, stress, food choices and overall imbalance in the body.

4. Weight Imbalance

If you have tried to loose weight all your life, struggle with yo yo diets or can’t seem to loose weight no matter what you do, you are not alone. The Western diet and lifestyle sets the stage for most all people to struggle with weight problems. The types of foods we eat change our metabolism, pollute our bodies causing higher amounts of fat to stay in the body and change our hormones in a way that weight loss becomes very difficult. Add in high amounts of stress, high amounts of exposure to toxins and chemicals and low levels of exercise and you have the perfect storm for weight gain and weight imbalance.


5. Allergies

The incidence of allergies is increasing on the population. Allergies are simply a sign of an over reactive immune system. Allergies tell us the immune system of the body is overburdened, not functioning optimally and is now reacting to anything and everything. 80% of the immune system resides and is created within the gut.

The most important influence right now on the increase in allergy symptoms is our food supply. Contaminated with toxic chemicals, GMO organisms and franken-stein type food products like wheat and soy in it’s present form, the gut the body is constantly under assault. Food chemicals and GMO’s damage and kill off important cells of the immune system and cause confusion within the body and immune system itself.


Foreign objects, such as man made chemicals and genetically modified organisms, would normally be processed by the body, made inactive and disposed of, but because of the large amount we are now consuming the immune system is being overwhelmed and destroyed. Because we overwhelm our immune system daily with these contaminants the immune system goes on high alert, looking for anything and everything that may cause the body harm. At the same time it is functioning less effectively and efficiently because of how damaged and over run it has become.