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10 Telltale Signs There’s Cancer Growing In Your Body

Cancer is one dreaded illness that is everyone’s worst nightmare. And early detection is extremely vital for successful treatment of most cancers. Let us...

5 Harmful Side Effects Of Sunscreen: How To Stay Safe

Most commercial sunscreens contain harmful substances like oxybenzone, triclosan, parabens, and phthalates. These compounds disrupt hormonal functioning, can cause cell damage and mutation, and increase the risk of cancer. Try and find sunscreens that use titanium and zinc as the active ingredient as well as natural oils like coconut oil, shea butter, and carrot oil. Some sun exposure can also be beneficial to get the required amount of vitamin D.

4 Reasons Why Edamame May Not Be All That Healthy

In America, most of the soybean, and thus, edamame (which is "young soybean) is genetically modified and is linked with birth defects and stomach inflammation in animal studies. The isoflavones in edamame have also been shown to alter natural estrogen activity, which may increase one's risk of breast cancer and fertility problems. Soy also contains protease inhibitors that may bring on pancreatic hyperplasia and hypertrophy, resulting in severe digestive distress.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

You might know turmeric as the yellow spice that gives curry its vibrant color. But turmeric does not just perk up your food! This...
oral cancer symptoms

Oral Cancer: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Oral cancer is among the commonest cancers worldwide. Men over 40, those who use or consume too much alcohol and tobacco products, and those with a family history of head or neck cancers are more at risk. Symptoms include mouth sores, bleeding, numbness in the mouth, and swelling. Early diagnosis is difficult but key in the treatment of oral cancer, which includes surgery and radiation therapy.

Just A Few Pints A Week – Am I Still At Risk For Cancer?

“Just a few drinks over the weekend.” “A glass of wine on a quiet evening at home with a good book.” “Only at parties.” Most...

Immunotherapy: A Treatment For Renal Cell Carcinoma

Renal cell carcinoma is just another term for kidney cancer. Although we don’t hear much about this type of cancer, it is among the 10...

7 Common Signs Of Cancer In Women That Often Go Unnoticed

Cancer never comes quietly and there are usually a few knocks here and there. Early signs of cancer can be so common that it...

Understanding The Different Stages Of Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can cause a whirlwind of emotions in a person. And, before the reality of this diagnosis can settle in,...

3 Psychological Problems To Be Vigilant Of When You Have Cancer

“You have cancer.” These three words turn a person’s life upside down. Nothing can prepare us to deal with a condition like this. Cancer...

How Essential Oils Can Fight Cancerous Cells

All plants contain certain quantities of natural oils in them. When you subject plants to a process of steam or water distillation, you get...

Can The Use Of IUDs Lower Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer?

An Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a tiny device a woman can put into her uterus to prevent a pregnancy. It is usually a small piece of...

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia 101

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition where the prostate grows to a larger than normal size. This ends up squeezing the urethra to block or slow down urine flow, hence giving rise to painful urinary symptoms. BPH is usually faced by men over 40 years of age. There are a number of treatment options available, and consulting with your doctor can help you reach a decision that is best for you.

6 Ways The Compound Capsaicin Can Benefit Your Health

By neutralizing certain neuropeptides that trigger inflammation, capsaicin helps fight inflammation-related disorders. It's antibacterial properties are helpful in fighting congestion, while it's ability to kill unhealthy gut bacteria helps promote digestive health. Research proves that capsaicin can help boost heart health as well as cause the death of prostate cancer cells. Additionally, it can also help fight obesity by activating a protein that regulates body weight and metabolic function.

Embrace Your Body With The Help Of Your Sun Sign

Humans are flawed by nature. So, why do we try so hard to go against nature? It would be a lot easier for us...