10 Easy Ways To Increase Dopamine Levels In The Brain

Do you know that human brain has as many as 86 billion neurons? These neurons communicate with each other through brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Dopamine is a popular neurotransmitter that acts as the key factor in motivation, pleasure, and mood regulation.

All activities that provide a feeling of pleasure and happiness such as sex, physical exercise, and even drugs are all because of dopamine. Lower levels of dopamine in the body result in lack of motivation, fatigue, anxiety, and a lack of zest for life.

But you can increase the dopamine levels in your body naturally since our brain produces it. If you wish to stay focused and enjoy the little joys of life, follow these methods to increase dopamine levels.

1. Avoid Addictions Of Any Kind


Drugs are not the only type of addiction. There are different levels as well as types of addiction; these can be of sex, pornography, shopping, and masturbation.

While short-term effects appear pleasing, these addictions may adversely affect your dopamine levels in the long run.

Excessive addiction exhausts the “reward circuit” of the brain, which results in the urge for a “quick hit,” as commonly seen among drug addicts. So it is extremely critical to understand the importance of saying “No” before it’s too late.

2. Make A Note Of Your Small Tasks


The sense of completion results in dopamine secretion in the brain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big accomplishment or you just a small task done. Break down bigger jobs into small achievable tasks.

People struggling with low dopamine levels often lose focus, which results in procrastination. You need not pick up everything today itself; break down your tasks such cleaning the entire house into smaller goals – begin with cleaning one room every day and so on.

3. Discover Your Talent – Create Something New


Have you seen a painter while working? It’s like he has already drawn the picture in his mind and is just transferring that picture from the brain to the canvas? This state is referred to as “flow” and creative people often bring out their masterpieces while working in this state.

Dopamine is the key factor that helps you achieve this state. Try doing something new, something creative every day. It can be as simple as a hobby – painting, singing, dancing, crafts, gardening, anything that you enjoy doing or have always wanted to do.

4. Engage In Some Physical Activity


Time and again, millions of articles have stressed the importance of exercising, so we will not blow the same trumpet. However, physical activity also helps in relieving stress, which in turn helps boost the dopamine levels in the body.

A physical activity does not always have to be a rigorous workout session. You can start with something that you are comfortable doing, such as taking a stroll or climbing the stairs.

5. Keep A Note Of Your Achievements


It is important to make a note of how many days it took you to achieve a goal. Again, the goal need not be big.

Mark the days on a calendar that is visible to you throughout the day. If you have picked a new hobby like painting, mark the day when you started creating it. Getting a streak going is one of the easiest ways to increase dopamine levels in your body.

6. Consume Foods That Increase Tyrosine Levels


Tyrosine is considered as the building element for dopamine and can be increased through the consumption of certain foods. This protein is readily available in common food items of our diet and should not be a major concern:

  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Green tea
  • Milk
  • Watermelon
  • Yogurt

7. Listen To Music


We all have emotional moments attached to our favorite songs. While certain songs make us dance, others make us cry, but there is no denying that we instantly feel happy on listening to good music.

This is because listening to music increases dopamine levels in the body. Research has also proven that the pleasure is the same as what we get when eating a favorite food or watching a favorite TV show.

8. Meditate


Overthinking – we might not be aware of it but somewhere in our mind, all of us have the tendency to overthink about various issues. Meditation helps you take a break from this. Through self-reflection, it also increases dopamine levels.

9. Take Natural Supplements


While natural ways are simpler and easy, they do not provide a 100% increase overnight. A lot of medications are now available in the market that help increase the dopamine levels in the body. However, medical supervision is strongly recommended.

10. Cleanse Your Body Of Toxic Chemicals


Toxic accumulation in the body is common, owing to our unhealthy lifestyle. Endotoxins are a common form of toxins in the body that restrict the production of dopamine.

You can naturally clear these toxins from your body through enough sleep, dietary control, and exercise. Also, refrain from extra fatty or sugary foods.