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Can Physical Activity Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance?

Many people underestimate the importance of physical activity in the well being of a child. According to studies, students who get regular physical activity perform better academically. The benefits of exercising often include better attention, memory retention, performance on standardized academic tests, problem-solving skills, enhanced reaction time, creative thinking, and much more. And this applies to college students as well.

Belly Fat In Women: A Result Of Aging And More

Often women tend to get a fatter belly as they age. Belly fat is a common occurrence in today’s world, but it is an...

Are Diabetics At An Increased Risk For Heart Disease?

Diabetics are at a much higher risk for heart diseases and strokes or heart attacks than those who are not diabetic. They have weaker blood vessels, which exerts pressure on the heart. Managing certain factors such as blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, and weight can help reduce this risk. You must also look into your family's medical history to see if you are more at risk of developing heart diseases as well.

9 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Mental Health

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from mental health conditions. Mental health plays an important role in our happiness and in the quality of our lives. In fact, mental health is even more crucial than physical health. Many physiological disorders actually start from the mind. By adopting certain practices such as positive thinking, yoga, and meditation, we can enhance our mental health and overall well-being.

7 Helpful Tips For Women With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects about 4 percent of American adults. And it’s harder for women to cope, thanks to society’s expectations, and symptoms in them are mostly overlooked. The first step to management is to get diagnosed. To control hyperactivity, exercise regularly. Practice stress-relieving activities and give yourself breaks. Simplify your life to reduce unnecessary stressors. A support group greatly helps, so communicate with family, friends, and other women with ADHD.
Missed Period

6 Things That Can Make You Miss Your Period

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew exactly when our “time of the month” is arriving? It would save us the constant trouble of...
Things that harm your gut bacteria

7 Things You Didn’t Know Are Harming Your Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria is important for digestion, immunity and keeping bad bacteria under control. The balance of gut bacteria can be affected by alcohol, smoking, insufficient sleep and an improper diet. Taking antibiotics, stress, and lack of physical activity can affect the number of good bacteria, thus negatively impacting your health. Ensure that you life a healthy lifestyle to promote the growth of good bacteria.
Dog Mistakes Most Of Us Make

6 Common Dog Care Mistakes You May Be Making

If you aren't watching your dog's weight and giving him enough physical exercise, take note. While the lack of exercise can cause obesity and behavior issues, obesity can, in turn, reduce his life span by 10 months. Aggression or behavior issues also crop up if you don't socialize him enough. Don't punish your dog. It makes him nervous and confused. Instead, give treats. And take him to the vet every year.
Gardening can help reduce the risk of breast cancer

3 Ways How Gardening Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Gardening will lower your risk for breast cancer, the second leading cause of death for American women. Stress is a major factor, but gardening provides relief. It stops the “stress hormone” cortisol from building up and helping cancer grow. Gardening also gives you a chance to exercise, which reduces inflammation and estrogen. Even your immunity will flourish. Finally, gardening makes it easy to eat fruits and veggies, which are full of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

5 Simple Things That Connect Diabetes And Depression

Diabetes and depression can fuel each other. If you’re struggling with diabetes management, depression is more likely. At the same time, depression may stand in the way of diabetes control. For example, poor diet and physical inactivity are depressive symptoms. They’re also risk factors for diabetic problems! Plus, poor diabetes management can worsen the symptoms of depression. While it’s hard to tell which causes which, this connection should be remembered during treatment.

10 Effective Weight Loss Secrets From Around The World

Ever since obesity has affected a major population of the world, weight-loss has become an important aspect of people’s lives. Lack of physical activity and high intake of unhealthy foods have contributed to unchecked weight gain. Cycling, Yoga and many other physical activities combined with slow and mindful eating can promote weight-loss. Here are some effective weight-loss strategies adopted by people from across the world.
symptoms of heart attack in women

6 Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack That Women Should Know

Heart attack manifest as 6 symptoms in women usually. For many, the initial signs include, a persistent feeling of fullness and pressure in the chest, a radiating pain to the arms, jaws, and shoulders. Often nausea and light-headedness are more common symptoms that women experience during a heart attack, unlike chest pain in men.
Dog owners are healthier and happier than those without dogs.

6 Reasons Why Dog Owners Are Healthier And Happier

Dog owners, on average, have more routine in their life. They are also more active due to the need to walk their dogs. Children who grow up with dogs have better immunity against minor diseases and fall ill less often. They also tend to have better emotional health and be more social. Dogs have been known to detect cancer in their owners. They can be specially trained to assist those with diabetes and regular seizures.

How To Turn Couch Potato Kids Into Active Kids

Today, children spend more time indoors than outdoors. Physical activities have been ignored and most of them are hooked to gadgets and gizmos. TV, Internet, and video games have stolen the crucial time that would have otherwise been dedicated to outdoor sports and activities. An increase in obesity and other serious ailments are being observed in teenagers. Simple ways mentioned here can help kids become active and involve in outdoor activities.

More Plants Please!

Kayla Gorrell, a certified health coach, and a group fitness instructor is extremely passionate about the role whole foods and plant-based diet play in...