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Easy Ways To Stay Fit With A Quick Lunchtime Workout

A busy work schedule can mess up any personal life you had or thought of having. In the midst of all this, do you...

Ditch Working Out At A Gym For These 7 Outdoor Workouts

Wondering how to make working out more fun? Take it outside. Go to the beach and give stand-up paddle boarding a shot. Get creative with cardio by trying trail running, clean jogging, and hiking. Move HIIT and yoga outdoors to enjoy them while breathing in fresh air. You could even take to rock climbing if you’re looking for a challenging, adventurous workout.

10 Unwritten Rules Of Gym Etiquette That Nobody Will Tell You

When you're in a gym, there are certain things you should and shouldn't do. Although these are unwritten rules, you are expected to be aware of them. Some of them are wiping away your swear after using an equipment, not hogging the equipment, wearing clean and fresh workout clothes, and not sharing unsolicited knowledge or advice.

Why You’re Not Getting Stronger Despite Working Out

If you're not building strength even after training hard at the gym, there might be some things you're doing wrong. You might not have set a specific goal for yourself or you might not be performing high-intensity workouts. The effectiveness of your workout can also drop if you aren't giving yourself time to recover. To achieve your goal, it is also important that you follow a healthy lifestyle outside the gym.

Haven’t Been To The Gym All Week? Do These 5 Moves

After an accidental break from the gym, don’t jump in too fast. Strengthen each side with dumbbell presses. Unlike a barbell, separate weights allow for more freedom of movement. Dumbbell lunges will work out the lower body, while dumbbell deadlifts use the entire body. You can also do plank rows with dumbbells for a total body workout. To get a burst of energy, do explosive jumps over a box or bench.

Best And Worst Exercises To Do When You Have A Cold

When you're down with a cold, exercising is probably the last thing on your mind. However, in some cases, doing moderate physical activity may...
A checklist to help you stick to your gym membership

A Checklist To Help You Stick To Your Gym Membership

Picking the right gym is the first step to your fitness journey. Pick a gym that's close to your office so you can be flexible with your workouts. Make sure to pick a gym that has all the amenities you need at a good price. If you're a beginner, opt for a qualified and experienced personal trainer. Check for good quality and well maintained equipment. Lastly, opt for group classes to stay motivated.

5 Brilliant Gym Hacks For Bigger And Stronger Muscles

To promote muscle strength, take longer rest intervals in between exercises. Short on time? Try supersetting, or the grouping of two or more exercises without rest. Focus on the same muscle group to increase the workload. Blood flow restriction training also increases muscle strength by forcing blood to pool in muscles. Do it with low-intensity weights, about 50 percent less than usual. For even greater muscle strength, try powerlifting. Most importantly, stay hydrated to prevent perceived exertion and muscle injury.
Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

Get Up! 6 Answers To All Your Fitness Excuses

For people lacking the motivation to get started, fitness experts say it’s actually not motivation but discipline that gets you moving. If you have money problems, swap gym sessions with yoga, aerobic exercise, zumba, and floor exercises. These can be done at home and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. For people struggling with time, prioritize, fix a routine, and build a schedule that you can stick to.
Ways to bounce back after a day of binge eating.

Ways To Bounce Back After A Day Of Overeating

We've all had nights when we've binged on unhealthy food. But, you don't have to feel guilty about it. Instead, help your body recover with a few steps. Keep yourself hydrated and snack on fiber-rich foods to reduce bloating and promote digestion. Exercise to improve your mood and motivation. Eat meals high in protein to improve satiety and build lean muscle. Get enough sleep to prevent another night of binge eating.
Simple, easy steps can prevent you from catching a cold.)

4 Simple Ways To Prevent Catching A Cold

When the cold season approaches, we often tend to become a sniffling mess. With our noses blocked and a sore throat getting into our...

6 Supplements For Every Man Who Works Out

Locker room conversation at the gym is usually rife with men trying to one-up each other about how they are loading up on the...
Bodyweight exercises that you can do at home.

7 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Without Hitting The Gym

Bodyweight exercises build and strengthen your muscles, without you having to hit the gym. Sprints, lunges, mountain climber, walk-out push-ups, burpees, skater jumps, and jump squats are some of the most effective bodyweight exercises. These 7 exercises do not require you to have any equipment and can be performed at the comfort of your home.
Maintain gym etiquette aspects in the gym always

6 Common Gym Etiquette Aspects You Should Be Following

Whether you’re in the gym for pilates or supersets, there’s no written rule that you need to follow to get in shape. However, this doesn’t mean that you go on disregarding how you really should behave when you work out. From the cardio area to the weight room, you need to realize that you’re part of a wider community and it only makes sense that you follow a few sensible rules to ensure the most productive training environment for all.
unwanted bacteria and viruses

7 Gross Infections You Can Pick Up At The Gym And How To Treat...

The world around us and our bodies are filled with billions of microorganisms, both harmful and the helping kind. Most of the time, our...