Things You Wish Somebody Had Told You About Cesarean

Whether you want a natural birth or a Cesarean, you need to be prepared in the first place. There are many things pregnant women would want to know before giving birth. Here are some things no one tells you about C-sections.

You Won’t Feel Pain, But You Do Feel Tons Of Pressure

If you had spoken to moms who have had C-section, you will know that there won’t be any pain during the procedure, but there will be tremendous pressure when they take the baby out. The pressure is so intense that you feel like your belly might burst when the baby is eased out of the abdomen. Especially, if your baby is crammed up near the rib cage. But some moms hardly feel a thing. A tugging sensation is felt when they take the baby out if you opt for an epidural and a pressure if you opt a spinal block. If you know that this is normal, you wouldn’t be anxious during the procedure. Get the concept in your mind and be ready to face it and avoid any anxiety during the procedure.


You Might Get ‘The Shakes’ Immediately Afterward

This is possibly because of the extra morphine added to your spine before surgery. The epidural shakes can be more in c-sections than in a vaginal birth. After the medicines are turned off post-surgery, you might start shaking uncontrollably from head to toe. Even teeth chattering, muscles quivering and jumping might shock you a bit. If you are well-known of the fact that you might get ‘the shakes’ after surgery, you need not ask the nurse and get assured it is normal and epidural-related.

Cesarean Is Quick

Whether you have a scheduled cesarean or an emergency C-section, the time until you meet your baby is very quick. Things get moving faster. There’s a reason they call it an emergency – it is not for fun. The time taken from incision to delivery is usually about five minutes and in case of scheduled C-section, it might take a little longer. But, things are still quick. The time is not inclusive of taking anesthesia and delivering placenta etc, however, the time taken to see your baby is very quick. An emergency C-section happens due to many reasons – labor not progressing and fetal distress.


You Might Still Have A Forceps Delivery In A Cesarean

Sometimes, while the incision might be small in a c-section, the doctor might use a forceps or a ventouse to deliver your baby. This happens because the baby might not be in a favorable position to get it out – tucked in under the ribs. If you think that a cesarean is like a shortcut to get the baby out by just lifting it out as soon as the incision is made, you are wrong. An assisted delivery would be needed even in a cesarean.

You May Need A General Anesthesia

If you get into an emergency situation during labor, for reasons like labor not progressing, fetal distress, or any other reasons, you might need a general anesthesia. Though this is not common and mostly your healthcare provider will avoid giving, sometimes it is the best option for you and your baby.


You Might Feel Like A Failure After Having A Cesarean

Even after following every single thing that your doctor asked you to do and have a firm birth plan if you end up having an emergency c-section, do not feel like a failure. Unfortunately, most women who end up having a c-section are likely to end in disappointment. Just hold on there ladies, it is NOT your mistake that you did not deliver your baby vaginally. Do not feel missed out at all. Vaginal delivery or cesarean, you have only one thing to feel – just feel accomplished. Nobody tells you how you should or shouldn’t feel. You will get through it by time.

You Will Have Numb Spots On Your Scar

You will sail through the tough times’ ladies. The scar from your c-section surgery can get numb and occasionally even have a strange poking sensation. It is quite normal and you will learn to live with it.


You Cannot Eat Until You Passed Wind

Yes, the delivery is over and you have spent some terrifying time of your life. Finally, you get to see your little one, but your bodily functions are more important than the tastiest meal you would want to eat. This is called tummy torment. After the major surgery, your doctor needs to know if your intestines are functioning properly. So you can eat only after you fart. Food rewards are only after the proper check on your intestinal function.

Your Bowel Movements Might Be Crazy After Cesarean

Gums will be your best buddy. Chewing gum after the surgery will help restore your gut health. The bowel movements after c-section are crazy. It can become sluggish and difficult. Chewing gums can help return the bowel motility quicker. It is just the tricks, the body gets into thinking that you are eating and kick-starts the digestive system. Extensive and regular chewing gums is required.


You Might Have Gas Pain In The Shoulders

Most women feel this kind of gas, wind, or pain in the shoulders after a c-section. This might be due to the lethargic bowels after surgery. The trapped gas in the shoulders could be painful. To overcome the pain, your nurse will offer you anti-gas medicines and encourage you to walk around as soon as possible.

You Might Need A Catheter

The catheter is going to stay with you as long as you are in bed, it stays in. But you would want it out as soon as possible. No matter what, it stays with you until you start walking.


Your First Shower Time Might Be Difficult

The first time in the shower post-surgery is going to be difficult. You want to get clean after a couple of days in the hospital bed, but it is not so easy. You will definitely need someone to help you wash and to get in and out.

You Will Still Bleed

Do not assume that if you are not having a vaginal delivery the postpartum bleeding would be different. No, you will be wearing diapers for a week.