7 Things At Home That Are Getting You Tired

Make your house a better place to live in by doing everything you can to make it a happy place. Why is it so important to keep your home a happy place? If you have ever felt that you are tired all the time and you seem to have absolutely no energy even if you were at home doing nothing in particular, then don’t overlook this feeling. Your home could just be the reason for this unexplained tiredness and lack of energy.

How you keep your house reflects on your life. The things you use in your house and the decor you have chosen may be serving a purpose beyond keeping your house look lovely. They may also have an effect on your life.


Here are a few things that are present in almost all homes and may be accountable for your droopy feeling.

1. The Entertainer: Your Television Set

Late Night TV Watching Disrupts Sleep


Watching your favorite shows on TV may be your favorite pastime. However, watching it late night may be the reason for your disturbed sleep. This, in turn, causes you to feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

This is because your television set emits unnatural light that can interfere with your sleep patterns.1 So, is the solution to quit watching television? Definitely not! Just make sure you watch your programs two or three hours before bedtime.


2. The Morning Blessing: Your Coffee Maker

Caffeine Intake May Cause Tiredness

For most working individuals and others, in general, coffee may be the only wake-up alarm in the morning. However, sometimes, it may have a completely different effect on some people.


Some people may feel all charged up after their coffee; however, with time, it makes them feel way more tired and sleepy than they would without it. Studies report that caffeine consumption during the night can disrupt your sleep.2

Due to the lack of proper sleep during the night, you will feel sleepy during the day. This hinders your productivity at work and may reduce your alertness, too.


3. The One That Connects: Your Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi Connections Can Interfere Sleep Patterns

A Wi-Fi connection today is almost inevitable at your workplace or even at home. Wi-Fi gives easy access through all electronic devices and allows you to connect with your loved ones.


However, there are certain studies that report that these connections may have an effect on your sleep patterns.3

Wi-Fi connections use electromagnetic fields to function and the long-term exposure to these fields can disrupt your sleep causing you to feel tired or even irritated.


4. The Technology Drug: Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone Use Can Delay Your Sleep

Your friends and family who live far from you are just a call away if you have a cell phone. Today, people are so used to using cell phones rather than talking in person because it has made lives that much more easier.

However, exposure to electronic devices like your cell phone may just be leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. This is because the radiation from these devices delays and reduces sleep.

The light radiations, especially blue light, can reduce the melatonin production – a hormone that regulates your sleep and wake cycle.4 This can cause you to feel tired the following morning and throughout the daytime.

5. The Life Of Your Rooms: Your Wall Color

Blue Walls Promote Calm Feelings

If you think work or relationship troubles are keeping you up at night, you may want to reconsider that. Your wall colors do way more than just to make your house look lovely.

The colors that you use in your bedrooms have a direct effect on your sleep. Results of several studies report that those who have blue walls in their bedroom sleep better than others who use a color of their choice.5

This is because blue color is associated with calm feelings and may also help reduce blood pressure and heartbeat, both which are important for a good night’s sleep.

However, painting your room blue will not do the job; you will have to follow healthy sleep habits, too.

6. The One That Cools: Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners May Aggravate Health Issues

Air conditioners have become unavoidable especially during the summers. Whether at work or home, air conditioning systems are switched on to cool your body down.

However, these cooling systems may not really be doing their job like you think! That’s right, air conditioners may be designed to cool you down, but, they also can have an adverse effect on your body.

Studies report that individuals who are exposed to air from air conditioners complain of more health issues like a mucous membrane irritation, breathing difficulties, headache, and fatigue.6

Therefore, try to get natural ventilation in your rooms rather than air conditioners. If you use air conditioners often, make sure to clean them regularly to avoid dust accumulation.

7. The Light Controller: Your Curtains

Lack Of Light Due To Closed Curtains May Cause Tiredness

If you have dark curtains in your house and prevent the daylight from entering your rooms, then the lack of sunlight may be the reason why you feel tired or weak.

Adequate exposure to sunlight not only ensures enough vitamin D but also provides easy melatonin production at night. This hormone puts you to sound sleep.7

So, the next time you are annoyed by some sunshine, don’t close the curtains. Draw them to ensure enough of it into your rooms and have a better sleep at night.

Apart from these, living in a messy room can also cause your sleep disturbance and stress levels. Unorganized surroundings can drain your energy and make you feel tired. It can also draw your attention away from the tasks that require them.

So, the next time you feel tired, just think about the last thing you did before you went to sleep. Control your daily stress levels and relax before going to bed.