11 Tips You Must Follow For A Happy And Healthy Life

I am excited to share with you my top 11 tips for a healthier, fitter body and mind!

These tips include eating healthy and consciously, becoming fit and strong, destressing the mind, and having more energy throughout your day!


I know sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy all the time, but the energy and the way it makes you feel will be worth it for sure! (I don’t always eat healthy, to tell you the truth, but I always eat vegan.)

These tips don’t include going vegan because I just found that was an obvious one.


But if you aren’t vegan yet and maybe have doubts whether eating a plant-based vegan diet is the healthiest and best option, then definitely check out the documentary Forks Over Knives or Dr. Greger’s YouTube channel, which is full of nutrition facts for a vegan/plant-based diet.

Note: These are my tips and what makes me feel the best. I hope some of these can help you too. Some of these may not work for all of you. So, it’s best to experiment yourself and find what works best for YOU!


1. Work Out First Thing In The Morning

Why first thing? To get your day started right!

It’s different for everyone, but I have energy in the morning, and if not, all you gotta do is blast your favorite music and you’ll be ready!


I find it easier and more enjoyable to work out on an empty stomach, but it’s different for everyone. Try it and see if you like it.

2. Eat A Raw Breakfast

Nothing better than starting your day with a beautiful smoothie, banana ice cream, or fruit plate! This will give you the energy and nutrients your body needs and thrives on.


3. Eat Low Fat

Foods low in fat, high in carbs — the good kinds of carbs like fruit, rice, grains, potatoes, yams — are what you want to eat abundantly.

Avoid oil and processed foods. Carbs are your body’s preferred choice of fuel to give you energy.


Sugar is not the enemy! There are many resources on this such as The China Study. Check out also YouTubers who have healed their bodies eating higher-carb, fruit-based diets.

4. Lower The Salt

Too much salt can make you bloated and is not healthy either. Sodium in vegetables is good but not what’s in added salt. I’ve noticed that I feel best eating 1,000 mg or less of sodium.


5. Greens Every Day

I can feel the difference if I don’t eat any greens or veggies one day. It just helps things move along and gives you more dense nourishment and minerals. Salads, green smoothies, and veggies with hummus are some of my favorite ways to eat them!

6. Get Enough Water

How much? It depends. If you work out a lot or are pretty active, you’ll need more.

I aim for 1–2 gallons, which seems like a lot, but it’s a goal for me to hit at least 1.

I like to drink a lot when I first wake up and before I go to bed.

It makes your body stronger and helps you digest food easily and get a flat stomach. Plus, you are mostly made up of water, so drink up! (I sometimes add lemon or lime, which is also good for digestion — and taste!)

7. Go Heavy (Or Go Home)

Lift heavy weights! If you’re just starting out, use lighter weights.

I prefer following programs and YouTube videos because they already have a workout and I don’t need to do much thinking. Just push play and follow the program!

I use select tech weights ranging from 5 to 50 lbs, and you just use a dial to select the ones you want, which is really handy.

No matter what your goal, whether to lose weight, build muscle, or get lean, lifting weights will always be a good thing.

Also add in push-ups (on your knees if you can’t do real ones yet) and pull-ups (use a chair if you can’t do these yet).

Any kind of strength training will burn more calories, make you feel strong and pumped up afterward. Weight training is my favorite!

8. Meditate, Breathe, Relax

This can be done in so many ways, not just the classic “sit cross-legged and chant” (you could do that too), but taking the time to breathe, relax, not think or worry about anything and just be.

It has so many health benefits and will reduce stress too.

9. Eat Slowly

Eat more slowly. Relax and enjoy your food! Enjoy every bite, chew your food. It’s simple but will help so that you’re not overeating the bad stuff. Just take your time and you’ll become more aware of your body and how you feel.

I know it’s not always possible if you have a job or kids or are busy, but try at least one meal a day — really enjoy it and eat it slow. Appreciate your food too. Grati-food!

10. Do Some Cardio

If you dread doing cardio, then that just means that you haven’t found something you enjoy yet! There are so many things you can do, such as workout programs, HIIT workouts, dancing, running, jogging, walking, and sports. Find something you love and do that.

11. Fuel Your Mind Too

This one is super-important even though it’s not about food or fitness. Fueling your mind with good stuff and getting rid of the garbage is essential.

The Bad Stuff

  • The news. (Please, there are more ways to get in touch with the world. Surely there is negative stuff going around, but wouldn’t you rather focus on the positives? They don’t often show that on the news.)
  • Negative thoughts and emotions
  • Mindless television
  • Negative friends/family

The Good Stuff

  • Personal development books
  • Personal development/success-related audios. Hearing people’s success stories makes you have a positive belief about the things you can achieve because you see someone else do it too.
  • Music that makes you happy and excited for life!
  • Doing what you love (add in more things you love to your day. Simple but unfortunately the majority of activities people do are things they don’t like! Crazy right? So add in more things you love to do.)