Calm Your Baby Down By Applying Pressure On Certain Points

By pressing baby's feet gently, a cranky, crying baby can be calmed down.)

Often, we have heard of the term “reflexology”, but we are still not sure of what it really means. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice of putting pressure and massaging specific points in the body to alleviate stress and tension, boost the healing tendencies of the body, and promote overall health. This practice has become popular and has been widely used in the West as an exceptional therapeutic practice to treat various health issues.

Reflexology is also an ancient practice that has been used as a very safe method to calm crying or cranky babies down. This method can help you find out what is troubling your baby and solve the issues as soon as possible. Babies have been found to respond to reflexology more positively than compared to adolescent people and adults. This is because it is believed that the feet and the hands of babies are connected to certain muscles, organs, and organ systems in the body. Babies’ feet specifically have undeveloped arches and their skin and bones are very soft. This is why, reflexology is an ideal option to calm babies down. When pressure is gently applied in babies’ feet and massaged well, energy flow is restored to the entire body. It is also considered that babies calm down once they are held and rested on the chest or when their backs are rubbed gently. It has also been found that when pressure is applied to a baby’s feet gently, certain body parts are affected and some common health problems are alleviated.

1. Issues With The Head And The Teeth

Pressing toe tips help issues connected with the head, teeth, and ear infections.

When a baby’s toes’ tips are rubbed gently, certain issues connected with the head and the teeth are relieved. It is also an excellent natural method to relieve a baby from ear infections. This practice is highly recommended when the baby is teething.

2. Inflamed Sinuses

Pressing center of the toes alleviate symptoms of sinusitis.)

The center of the toes of a baby, when gently pressed, reduces sinus problems. This practice is used to alleviate symptoms of sinusitis, which include common cold, a running nose, chest pain, breathing difficulties, etc.

3. Chest Congestion

(Pressing the top of the foot above the arch can relieve a baby from chest congestion

It has been found that the top of the foot above the arch is connected with the chest area of a baby. When pressure is applied on this part of the feet, the baby is relieved from chest congestion and is helpful in treating cold, cough, and eliminate phlegm. This practice has proved to treat congestion effectively.

4. Abdominal Pain

By applying pressure to the arch, abdominal issues can be eased

The foot’s arch is linked with the abdomen and the upper abdominal area is related to the upper half of the foot’s arch. By applying pressure to this area of the feet, digestive problems like bowel obstruction and heartburn can be relieved.

The lower half of the arch is, similarly, linked with the lower abdominal area. This means that when pressure is applied on this part of the baby’s foot, it helps alleviate problems like bloating and constipation.

5. Solar Plexus

By pressing the arch of the upper foot, solar plexus pain can be reduced.)

Solar plexus is a complex nerve set, which is found between the stomach and the lungs. The arch of the upper foot is connected with the solar plexus and when pressure is applied on this area of the feet, solar plexus pain can be reduced.

6. Pelvis

(Pressing the heals help in treating muscle tightness and other postural problems.

The heels have proved to be linked with the pelvic area in babies. By pressing the heels gently, issues that arise from postural problems such as muscle tightness can effectively be treated.

Although reflexology is a safe and effective method to calm crying babies down, this alternative medication should not be completely substituted and medical attention must be still sought for babies who are suffering from any ailment.