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Breakfast Foods That Add Empty Calories

6 Breakfast Foods That Will Sabotage Your Diet

Breakfast kick-starts our day and sets the tone for how the rest of our day will pan out. If you make the mistake of...
Wherever You’re Headed To, You Can Quickly Pack These Snacks With Little To No Effort

8 Healthy And Simple Snacks That You Can Munch On Wherever You Are

If you are a compulsive snacker who wants to eat healthy but you can’t seem to find the time to figure out the right...
These are weird home remedies which actually work.

14 Strange Home Remedies That Are Actually Effective

These home remedies sound bizarre but they do work. For instance, use the alcohol in vodka to kill odor causing bacteria on your feet. You can use lemon to treat nausea, especially morning sickness in pregnant women. Try out clove oil to ease a toothache or black tea to soothe a sunburn. You can use yogurt to treat a yeast infection as well as bad breath.

Maintain A Healthy Vagina With The Help Of Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that are present in yogurt. A lot have been written about the benefits of probiotics for our digestive and...

5 “Processed” Foods That Are Healthy

Not all processed foods are unhealthy. Processing involves canning, freezing, dehydration, refrigeration and aseptic processing. Processed foods can be categorized into mildly processed, basic processed, moderately processed and highly processed. Foods that fall between mildly processed and moderately processed can be added to one's diet without compromising on nutrition. Processed milk is often fortified to be more nutritional. Frozen fruit and vegetables as well as canned food preserve their nutritional content for a long time. Nut butters and Greek yogurt are rich in protein and healthy fats and are good additions to one's diet. 
How To Choose The Best Yogurt

6 Tips To Pick The Right Yogurt For Your Health

Yogurt is fast gaining a big fanbase among health food lovers everywhere. Because it’s fermented, yogurt is much easier to digest than other forms...

5 Foods That Can Be Used To Erase Dark Spots On The Face

It is very rare that one has simply flawless skin to flaunt. Countless factors such as prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun,...
Healthy Foods That Are Really Not Healthy

7 ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Really Not Healthy

Fat-free salad dressings hamper the absorption of nutrients from your salad. The very popular whole-wheat bread is usually stripped of its vitamins and minerals during its preparation. Also, non-fat yogurt, flavored instant oatmeal, and energy bars contain a lot of artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste. Acai bowls are packed with calories and carbs. Some bowls could contain more than 800 calories.

4 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Relish The Goodness Of Yogurt

Pediatricians recommend yogurt as a super healthy food for babies above the age of 6 months. It's loaded with nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B, and proteins. Several studies have proved that infants who had a regular intake of yogurt had better digestion and lesser chances of diarrhea. Their immunity was good and their musculoskeletal systems were also stronger.

5 Different Types Of Yogurt That You Must Know

Yogurt is full of nutrients and also benefits your heart health and digestion. Non-dairy yogurts like almond yogurt, coconut yogurt, and soy yogurt is a good alternative for the people who are lactose intolerant. Greek yogurt is thicker than the regular yogurt as the whey and lactose if removed from it. It also contains less sugar and carbohydrates. When you buy yogurt, avoid buying the one with added sugar and thickeners to reap all the benefits.
5 Healthy Food Choices For Your Snack Time

5 Healthy Food Choices For Your Snack Time

Feel full for a long time by having a handful of nuts like almonds and walnuts. Eating whole raisins or adding them to baked goods like muffins qualifies for a healthy snack. Low-fat yogurt with fresh fruits, whole-grain cereals, or whole wheat cookies with dark chocolate chips are healthy snacks, too.
7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

7 Nutritious Ways To Use Greek Yogurt Whey

While preparing Greek yogurt, the water that comes out of the yogurt is called as yogurt whey. Most people just discard the yogurt whey after they prepare Greek yogurt. But, yogurt whey contains various vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are essential for the body. Instead of throwing away the yogurt, you can use it to prepare many healthy and tasty recipes.
Yogurt has incredible health benefits

7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Yogurt Every Day

Yogurt is a dairy product that can help cool you down during the summer months. The probiotics help improve digestion and immunity. Yogurt can improve blood sugar levels and increase antioxidant activity in diabetics. Yogurt helps keep your skin and hair healthy as well. People who consume yogurt are less likely to be deficient of vitamins and nutrients. Try not to eat yogurt at night since it can make you prone to colds.
: Curry leaves can stimulate your hair growth.

7 Natural Ways To Use Curry Leaves To Increase Hair Growth

Looking for an inexpensive home remedy to restore some life back to your damaged hair? You may know that mayonnaise, honey, and apple cider...

Say Goodbye To Oily Skin With These 6 Yogurt Remedies

Yogurt, thanks to its astringent and exfoliant properties, is great for eliminating excess oil in your skin. Home remedies with just yogurt or yogurt along with turmeric, Fuller's earth, cucumber, honey, or oatmeal will help you be free of your oily skin. Whisk 2 tbsp of fresh yogurt and apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off to get gorgeous, oil-free skin.