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Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

6 Foods You And Your Cat Can Share

Cats tend to be picky eaters, which is why most cat owners stick to packaged pet food. However, most cats do appreciate some variety...
Lactose intolerance

6 Alternative Foods For Those Who Are Lactose Intolerant

Lactose intolerance is referred to as an inability of the body to digest lactose. It is a pretty common problem with people from all...
Olive oil can be used alone or with a combination of other natural ingredients to treat eliminate dandruff.

Effective Ways To Treat Dandruff With Olive Oil

Dandruff is a common problem faced by men and women alike, all around the world today. Dandruff is caused due to the accumulation of...
Top 10 Comfort Foods To Eat When You Are Sick

Top 10 Comfort Foods To Eat When You Are Sick

A common cold or an upset stomach can wreak havoc with our systems. Often, we hear people complaining that they have no appetite when they are sick. However, it's extremely important to keep in mind that a diet with a lot of nourishing foods like chicken soup, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices is needed to supply all the essential nutrients to the body to speed up the recovery process.

Common Symptoms Of Yogurt And Greek Yogurt Allergy

Yogurt is a delicious dairy product that is a common food item on dining tables across the world. It is a rich source of protein and calcium. Unfortunately, some people who are allergic to milk and milk products cannot consume yogurt. The symptoms of yogurt allergy can range from mild to severe. It is best for people with yogurt allergy to avoid yogurt.

5 Ways To Include Turmeric In Your Beauty Regimen

Turmeric is considered a golden spice, not just for its color but for its multiple health benefits. It benefits your internal health and also...
Does Yogurt Cause Constipation

Does Yogurt Cause Constipation Or Help Relieve It?

Dairy products such as yogurt are said to cause constipation. Research and recent studies have shown that yogurt and other dairy products can actually relieve constipation. In fact, probiotic yogurt can significant reduce defecation frequency, defecation pain, and abdominal pain. Though dairy products are low on fiber, they do not cause constipation. Constipation can occur due to various other reasons.

How To Use Probiotics For More Beautiful Skin

Probiotics are known for treating diarrhea, but the gut-brain-skin axis connects your intestinal health to your skin. When the intestinal bacteria is balanced, your skin will glow. It can even treat conditions like acne, eczema, and sunburns. To consume probiotics, take supplements as tablets, liquid, or powder. Fermented foods, like yogurt and sauerkraut, are tasty dietary sources. You can also use supplements and probiotic-rich foods as masks. For best results, “feed” probiotics with soluble fibers called prebiotics.

6 “Healthy” Foods Nutrition Experts Say No To

There are many foods out there that claim to be healthy and in fact look healthy too. You tend to give into these claims and overestimate their healthfulness. You have to be careful about overindulging in such foods as they may actually be bad for you. Even nutrition experts tend to stay away from such foods like puffed veggie chips, flavored yogurt, commercial salad dressing, whole-wheat bread, cold-pressed juice, and powdered peanut butter.
health benefits of yogurt

7 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Yogurt

A fermented food rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins including certain B vitamins, yogurt is very beneficial to the overall health. Daily consumption of yogurt is good to maintain optimum gut health, even for the lactose intolerant. Low-fat yogurt aids weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer. Yogurt is known to fight vaginitis and keep the skin and hair smooth and healthy. It also helps in preventing colorectal cancer and keeping heart diseases at bay.
Home Remedies To Moisturize Your Dry Skin Naturally

Home Remedies To Moisturize Your Dry Skin Naturally

Proper hydration begins with balancing the water and oil within your skin. When treating dehydrated skin, start with upping your water intake. Just getting enough water...
how to heal a burnt tongue

How To Heal A Burnt Tongue: 10 Tips For Quicker Relief

For a quick fix, try sucking on an ice cube or licking a popsicle. A mouth rinse with ice cold water or simply eating a spoonful of yogurt or honey may help too. To help the pain subside, sprinkle a pinch of sugar onto the burnt area and let it dissolve or apply a little aloe vera gel straight from the plant. Be sure to avoid any acidic or salty foods that can irritate a burn further.

9 DIY Facials With Natural Ingredients To Manage Combination Skin At Home

If the skin on your face feels oily in some parts and dry in others, then you have something called, ‘combination skin’. The various...

9 Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Are you skinny and just tired of people asking you to eat more? Or when they feel jealous of you because you don’t gain...

The 12 Best Foods To Eat In The Morning

They say that we need to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. And in all honesty,...