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foods to improve memory and concentration

6 Foods To Improve Memory And Concentration

Did you know that the foods you eat can help you concentrate and get things done? Caffeine present in coffee, flavonoids in chocolate, and the amino acid L-theanine in tea can sharpen your focus – provided you get these in moderate amounts. Having blueberries or taking flaxseed oil can also be useful. Meanwhile, seafood is rich in iron, which is important not only for improving attention but also memory and learning.

Tapping Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind With Meditation

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5 Benefits Of Eating Breakfast Every Day

Skipping breakfast due to a busy schedule or to get a few extra minutes to sleep can impact your health and mood. People who skip breakfast feel extremely hungry in a few hours and are likely to overeat and gain weight. Breakfast is important to regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your energy levels high. Skipping breakfast is associated with poor cognition, increased risk of obesity, and low nutrient intake.
The facts that you need to know about how stress is good for you.

5 Good Effects Of Stress That You Should Know About

Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that acts on the brain’s pre-frontal cortex. This strengthens learning, memory, and your ability to handle mental tasks. Even happiness will flourish, thanks to the activity on the prefrontal cortex. Stress also promotes the “fight or flight” response so you can handle dangerous situations. Plus, the response stimulates your immune system, helping it become stronger and better. Motivation is also fueled by stress, so it’s OK to feel it in small doses.

7 Best Foods To Boost Your Brain And Memory

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to boost their memory and make themselves smarter. Thankfully, you don't have to resort to fancy headgear to achieve this result- you can simply start eating the right foods. Berries, nuts and good oils are all recommended for improving brain function, while red meats and saturated fats can have the opposite effect. Stay consistent with your choices and you are sure to see results.
Amazing Psychological Facts

10 Psychological Facts That Will Astound You

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body reactions that are defense mechanisms

10 Interesting Body Reactions That Are Defense Mechanisms

The immune system is constantly alert to protect the body from harm. Researchers have found that there is a specific reason why we do certain things involuntarily. We blink to protect our eyes, we hiccup to expel trapped air, we get goosebumps in order regulate body heat. Many a time, these body reactions can be distressing like high temperature during fever but they are all for the sake of our health.

9 Things Exercising Regularly Does To Your Body

Exercising regularly promotes both physical and mental well-being. It helps you lose weight, reduces your risk of chronic diseases, enhances your energy levels, builds stronger muscles and bones, treats insomnia, boosts your sexual health, releases feel-good hormones, and sharpens your memory.
Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing.

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

Art goes much beyond being a creative hobby, for it comes with some very important health benefits. From boosting your creativity and helping you break through your innermost thoughts and emotions, to improving your sensory and motor skills and giving you a way to channel your feelings,
Benefits of writing a diary

7 Great Benefits You’ll Get From Maintaining A Journal

The concept of journaling and all its benefits apply to all ages of people. Evoking mindfulness, being more self-confident, and being able to solve problems more efficiently are just a few benefits of keeping a diary. Depending on the kind of goal you want to achieve, you can choose to keep a food, fitness, gratitude, recovery or even a memory journal. Remember that patience and consistency are key in forming new habits before you’re able to start reaping the benefits.

Health Benefits Of Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi is a perennial herb known to possess therapeutic benefits. This plant, also known as Convolvulus pluricaulis, is found in Indian and Chinese medicines to...

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How To Improve Your Memory

6 Tips On How To Improve Your Memory Naturally

Getting enough sleep will let your brain process new information and build memories. It’ll also protect the hippocampus, the part of the brain that regulates memory. Stress management is important because stress hormones can shrink the hippocampus. So if you want to regenerate new brain cells, stay mentally active and do creative activities. You’ll relieve stress while strengthening the brain. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and tuna, will also improve brain function and memory.