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How To Improve Your Memory

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Memory Naturally

Getting enough sleep will let your brain process new information and build memories. It’ll also protect the hippocampus, the part of the brain that regulates memory. Stress management is important because stress hormones can shrink the hippocampus. So if you want to regenerate new brain cells, stay mentally active and do creative activities. You’ll relieve stress while strengthening the brain. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and tuna, will also improve brain function and memory.

5 Ways To Deal With Overwhelming Situations

Feeling overwhelmed can create a sense of panic and paralysis. Be involved in an activity to distance you from the problem and get that out of your head. Stop trying to control everything and learn from every situation. Break down the goals to achievable chunks and lighten the burden. Balance pressure with self care as it's human to err. Don't be hesitant to ask for help.
Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

Forgetfulness During Pregnancy: Causes And Measures To Tackle It

A majority of pregnant women report loss of memory both before and after delivery. However, research about forgetfulness during pregnancy is unclear and often conflicting. Prioritizing right, staying organized, and (importantly!) cutting yourself some slack while you face this major life event will all help. So will meditation, the right food, and getting enough sleep.

Top 5 Theories On Why We Forget

Our brains have a unique way of storing and retrieving memories. And any interference in the whole process may lead you to forget things....
Ways To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Naturally

8 Simple Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease Naturally

Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of Americans. It is labeled "irreversible" in the current medical context. Taking neuroprotective ayurvedic or TCM herbs, practicing yoga and meditation, or even doing some "brain workouts" every other day could make all the difference. Eating brain-friendly foods like berries, walnuts and quitting smoking could help cut risk factors.
Causes of forgetfulness

11 Common Causes Of Forgetfulness And How To Treat It

Forgetting things is a normal part of aging, but it may eventually turn into dementia. You’ll be even more at risk with chronic stress, alcoholism, smoking, depression, and sleep-deprivation. Multitasking and stress can also distract you, making it easy to forget words or names. Other health conditions like vitamin B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism make it hard to remember things, but proper management will improve it. Forgetfulness is a common side effect of some medication, too.

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how to improve your memory

13 Effective Tips On How To Improve Your Memory

It's natural to have recall issues when you grow old, but it can be avoided through simple lifestyle and dietary tweaks. Adding foods like berries, red wine, nuts, soya, spinach, and beans to your daily diet and slashing alcohol can have a positive effect on memory. Do yoga or regular exercise ensures to improve focus and concentration. Remain socially active and participate in a lot of activities.

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