7 Things Every Parent Of Kids With Special Needs Should Hear

Parenting a kid with special needs is indeed challenging. If everyday parenting just exhausts you, imagine the worries and fears of these special parents. And we often forget that. We tend to belittle the great efforts and sacrifices they make every day to help their kids cross various milestones and make them smile. You know what you can do to bring happiness into these parents’ lives? Here are a few things that every parent of kids with special needs deserves to hear.

1.You Are A Superhero

For us, even a small tantrum from our kid is a big challenge. We often complain about it. But for you, these tantrums are nothing. Every day you skillfully manage much worse situations, which we find difficult to handle. You have big battles to fight during your kid’s hospital visits, therapy, or any other medical procedure. Among many other things, you still remember their pills and injections. You keep encouraging your kid to do things, which many people thought impossible for them. And, of course, all these make you extra passionate. You develop empathy for others and you always see the goodness in others, unlike regular parents. Yes, you are a superhero.

2. Make Memories With Them

Your life may revolve around medications, therapies, feeding tubes, and communication devices. But, take time to celebrate the little things in your life. Share all the milestone in your kid’s life with your loved ones. Tell them how cute he/she is. Help your kid make memories outside hospital walls. We know it is tough for you. But this could make a huge difference to your spirits.

3. We Are There For You

You may be hesitant to seek help from us. We are not prejudiced about you or your child. Always keep in mind that we are there for you. We are no expert like you in spending time with your kid. But, we are sure that we will learn it over time. During tough times, if you want to talk it out, we are there for you. Every parent is bound to have hard times while raising their kids with special needs. We understand that. If you feel like you need any help, don’t be reluctant to ask.

4. It’s Normal To Have Self-Doubt

Have you ever felt lost, hopeless, or faced with self-doubt? Well, it’s normal. Every parent goes through such moments. You may be skeptical about a few decisions in your life. You may worry that you haven’t done enough for him or her. Understand that it’s not easy to get everything right always. Believe that you have done your best to make the life of your kid better.

5. Don’t Let Anyone Put You Down

When you take your kids out for a walk or during get-togethers, you may hear regular parents bragging about their kid’s accomplishments. It’s hard to hear. But it’s in the character of a regular parent to boast about their kid. Most of the time, it’s not meant to make you feel bad about your amazing kid. Don’t let their words put you down. And also refrain from comparing your unique kid with others. Even kids within the same disability type reach their developmental milestone at different stages. So don’t worry. Your kiddo will grow up with special power and potential.

6. Forgive Yourself

Even though you have the best intentions, it’s quite natural to screw up things at times. So learn to forgive yourself. Sometimes, you may get cranky or you may not be able to meet your kid’s requirements. You are not alone. There are many others who go through a similar crisis. Hurting yourself, thinking that you have done something wrong will not do any good to you.

7. You Too Deserve To Be Cared For

Take a break, dear parents. You too deserve to be cared for. And also make time for your relationship. Nothing has changed in your life that stops you from a date night. It’s just that you are blessed with a special child who has his or her own precious ways to make you happy. Take time to do things, which you love to do. Nurturing your mind and body is highly essential for taking care of your baby.