6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing.

Drawing is an activity that everyone has done at some point in their lives. As children, drawing has a special significance, for it becomes a form of expression when we haven’t yet acquired the skills of oral communication.

Painting and drawing supplies are easily accessible to all and are fairly inexpensive. For this reason, many of us continue to pursue these activities in our spare time. Some of us even put in entire days creating artwork because it feels so refreshing. However, the benefits of painting and drawing go far beyond being an enjoyable hobby. Indulging in these activities are extremely beneficial for your health as well!


6 Great Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing

There are about six widely recognized benefits of drawing and painting that individuals can benefit from.

1. Improved Creativity

Painting and drawing helps boost one's creativity.


The act of painting and drawing makes use of one’s imagination. We don’t just always depict tangible things like houses and trees and people in their art; many of us even choose to portray feelings and emotions through abstract art. Because this is something so personal, it would require a person to use his artistic skills to the best of his abilities and would play a vital role in the development of one’s brain and boosting one’s creativity.

2. Improved Memory

Activities like painting and drawing are said to stimulate brain cells and improve memory power.


Activities like painting and drawing are said to stimulate brain cells and improve memory power. For this reason, Alzheimer’s patients are encouraged to draw and paint a lot, even when they have a problem with their memory. As they paint and draw, they are made to sharpen their minds through thinking and imagination. This can actually help boost their memory over a period of time if practiced regularly, thus bringing down the severity of the complications of the disease.

3. Improved Communication Skills

Drawing and painting can help improve a person's communication skills.


Many of us are unable to verbally communicate our inner feelings and emotions. This is where painting and drawing can help. By putting indescribable emotions down on paper through drawings and colors, art can help people break free from personal weaknesses. This is, however, a continuous process. Therefore, drawing and painting on a regular basis can help people improve their flow of thought over time and can even serve to improve their communication skills.

4. Stress Relief

Painting and drawing can help to provide an outlet for a person to release pent-up stress and anxiety.


The chaos of everyday life can be very overwhelming and many of us turn to painting and drawing as a way to channel out our frustration and calm our nerves down. It is nothing but a temporary exit from the hustle and bustle of the day, where one can focus on the excitement of combining bringing something alive in the form of sketches and color.

This act of releasing one’s stress through art can be very beneficial in fending off various physiological as well as psychological illnesses in the long run.


5. Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Art can help make us more emotionally stable by giving us a better understanding of our innermost emotions.

It is very clear that by allowing one’s inner thoughts and emotions to come alive on paper, art also enables us to have a better understanding of our own self. Art can be used to experiment with feelings of joy, sadness, pain, loss, peace, and love which will show a marked improvement in one’s personality. Because art is helpful in making us more emotionally stable, we can be a better companion not just to ourselves, but also to those around us, as it allows us to be more empathetic as people.


6. Improving Sensory And Motor Skills

Drawing and painting contribute significantly in improving both our sensory as well as motor skills.

Art stimulates the brain to bring together various senses such as sight and touch to allow what we perceive to come alive on paper. Over days, weeks, or years of practice, we know exactly how much pressure to apply on a piece of charcoal or how much paint to take on our brush, or how to apply various brush strokes to bring about the desired texture on paper. We are able to mix colors to make our own shades and hues. All this not only lends a wonderful depth to our painting but also greatly benefits our sensory skills and improves our hand and eye coordination.
It is no wonder that art is so widely recommended to promote positive health and overall development of an individual. Nothing ever bad can come out of having a love for drawing or painting. Therefore, be it picking up a pencil to sketch or adding splashes of color to a canvas using multiple brush stroke techniques, art is an activity that is widely loved and practiced by millions of people throughout the world.