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Most meats are a good source of iron.

10 Meat Sources That Pack An Iron Punch

Meats are rich in iron, some more than others. Enjoy your beef, lamb, and ground meats, but also take a trip to the wild side with venison or moose. Or give liver, kidney, or brains a shot. Some of these organ meats and game meats will meet 20–50% of your daily values.
Iron-rich fruits to include in your diet

11 Iron-Rich Fruits To Pump Up Your Iron Levels

Iron is an essential nutrient that performs many vital functions in your body. Get your daily dose of iron (and yumminess) from fruits like mulberries, Zante currants, and dried apricots. Tomatoes, pumpkins, prunes, and coconut are also good sources of iron. As are refreshing watermelons, yummy peaches, and sweet dates.
Body alignment can wreck your mental and physical health

Improve Your Body Alignment With These 7 Simple Steps

Your body posture is important. You might have read quite a few articles on how posture can make an impression on others and instills...

8 Tests You Can Try At Home To Know Your Health Status

With the current lifestyle, not much attention is paid to the trivial signs our body shows if it is undergoing a problem. Most of...

7 Nutrients That Slow Down Hair Fall

Television commercials make it seem like the solution to hair fall is just a product away. But, sometimes, even the most expensive hair treatments,...

Try This Homemade Syrup To Increase Your Red Blood Cell Count

Anemia caused by iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Some of the telltale signs of anemia are feeling tired...

5 Health Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds And How To Use Them

When we’re eating watermelons, their sweet, juicy pulp is usually the only part of the fruit we pay any attention to. Most of the...

7 Smart Ways To Use Table Salt For Non-Toxic Cleaning

The abrasive action of table salt is effective in getting rid of most stubborn stains. For instance, grease from pans can be removed by scrubbing with salt. To clean sticky bottoms of irons, just run it over salt. When mixed with vinegar or lime juice, it can be used to clean dirty faucets as well as unclog blocked drains and sinks. Overall, it's a cheaper and greener alternative to most store-bought cleaners.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Banana Chips?

Banana chips are fried snacks that are known to contain the same nutrients found in ripe bananas. But, the process of deep-frying them reduces the levels of the nutrients and makes them less healthy when compared to ripe bananas. However, it’s good to know about the health and nutritional benefits offered by this delicious snack and what oils to use while deep-frying them, so that you make a healthy choice.
How to identify iron deficiency in women

This Deficiency Explains Why Some Women Feel So Tired

Unless you’re guzzling caffeine all day, there’s going to come a point when you yawn and wish you were curled up in bed. Feeling...

7 Secrets To Help You Get Lustrous, Strong Hair

Hair loss has become a common problem for everyone around the world. Bad food habits, stressful lives and bad lifestyles can all take a...

5 Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Women

Even the most carefully planned diets can miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. For women, a few of these are extremely important. Calcium is needed for bone density. During pregnancy, B vitamins and vitamin A are vital for fetul growth. They also alleviate PMS symptoms. Heavy periods and pregnancy can cause low levels of iron. Deficiency in iron during pregnancy causes fetal abnormalities. Lastly, vitamin C is important to maintain gums, tooth, and bone.

What Does Low MCHC Mean? Here’s What You Need To Know

MCHC stands for mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration or the hemoglobin concentration per red blood cell. If it’s low, anemia symptoms might show up. Early signs include fatigue, headaches, weakness, chest pain, and breathing problems. The most common cause is hypochromic microcytic anemia, which often stems from iron deficiency or poor absorption. Heavy bleeding is another possibility. To treat it, eat iron-rich foods like spinach and oysters.
symptoms of thalassemia

Signs And Symptoms Of Thalassemia To Watch Out For

Thalassemia can take on myriad forms, and depending on what you're dealing with – alpha thalassemia or beta thalassemia, thalassemia trait, or thalassemia major – your symptoms may vary. Watch for signs like stunted growth, delayed puberty, pale or jaundiced appearance, fatigue, bone development issues, and dark colored urine. Complications may include severe/mild anemia, heart problems, liver cirrhosis, and diabetes, each bringing its own symptoms.
Start Taking These Supplements For Your Thyroid Health

5 Supplements You Need To Start Taking For Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland is the butterfly-like gland present in your neck. It is the master gland because the hormones produced by it control metabolism...