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6 Simple But Effective Ways Of Protecting Your Memory

Memory is such an important part of who we are. The sharpness of your memory is directly proportional to the amount of use you...

The Chinese Tongue Test And Astonishing Revelations About Your Health

Our tongues play a multifaceted role in the functioning of our bodies. It helps us relish a delectable plate of food. It helps in...

Reverse Flat Iron Damage And Straighten Your Mane Without It

Who doesn’t love salon-straight, shiny hair that stays that way all day long. And a flat iron does just that. But the downside to...
iron toxicity

All You Need To Know About Iron Toxicity: Who Is At Risk?

Largely affecting children, iron toxicity is caused by elevated levels of iron in the blood. A genetic condition like hemochromatosis causes an iron overload. Symptoms start with nausea and dizziness and progress to multiple organ failure and brain damage. If not treated immediately, this can even lead to death.

Do You Drink Coffee? You Need These 3 Minerals

Coffee is a morning staple, but a cup every day might harm mineral absorption. The caffeine in it negatively shifts calcium balance. This is bad news for those who don’t get enough calcium, such as vegans or lactose intolerant people. The polyphenols in coffee also bind with non-heme iron, preventing proper absorption. Coffee also reduces zinc bioavailability up to 32 percent. Since these minerals are needed for good health, adequate intake is crucial. Ask your doctor if supplements are necessary.
side effects of too much iron

The Irony Of Having Too Much Iron In Your Body

More than 70% of iron is present in the red blood cells and muscles and the remaining is stored as ferritin. If the ferritin levels exceed 100 ng/dl then it's known as iron overload. It's marked by symptoms of fatigue, failing immunity and overall health. Iron overload it left untreated can make you more prone to infections and cancer. Blood donation is a good way to reduce excess iron.
side effects of iron tablets

10 Side Effects Of Iron Tablets You Must Know

Common side effects of iron tablets are abdominal pain, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and black stools. In more severe cases, overdosing on iron can cause fluid build-up in the lungs, liver damage, and vomiting of blood. In people with hemochromatosis, iron could build to toxic levels.

Iron Deficiency In Mother Could Impact Baby’s Birth Weight

There is a reason why doctors prescribe iron supplements to women immediately after their pregnancy is confirmed. Low levels of iron can cause anemia...
A few weird factors are responsible for making it difficult to poop easily.

5 Weird Reasons Why You Cannot Poop

Most of us face problems related to pooping at least once in our lives, and of course, more. Although there is no “right” number...

8 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Vegetarian

Our food choices define our health. But it is also true that our food choices are personal and should come from a deep space...
Plant-Based Sources Of Iron

7 Of The Best Vegan Sources Of Iron

One of the most common criticisms of the vegan diet is that plant-based foods don’t contain as much iron as meat. Iron is an...

3 Reasons How Drinking Tea Before Meals Causes Issues

If you drink tea with meals, consider changing your ways. The antioxidative polyphenols in tea can block the absorption of iron and other nutrients. They can also denature digestive enzymes such as amylase, pepsin, and lipase. However, these enzymes are needed for proper absorption and digestion. The caffeine in some teas might also increase stomach acid, increasing the risk for heartburn. Go for herbal teas if this is a concern.

6 Reasons Why You Should Cook With Cast Iron Vessels

Cast iron is the most efficient in cooking both for enhanced flavor and lack of chemicals. It lasts long and adds iron to your food. It helps you to avoid diseases that result from unwanted toxins. Due to constant seasoning, it is easy to clean, requires very little oil/fat, and maintains a steady temperature that is perfect for all types of cooking. Due to this, it can also withstand high temperatures in ovens.

Food For Thought: Diet And Nutrition For A Healthy Back

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are crucial components for maintaining your overall health. These components are even more important if you suffer from back...
Fruits help to boost iron levels

7 Fruits That Can Boost Your Iron Levels

Iron deficiency is a big problem in the world now that can lead to anemia. Fruits can be a natural way of boosting the iron levels in your body. Iron-rich fruits include dates, prunes, apricots, figs, raisins, sun-dried tomatoes, and pomegranate. With the combination of these fruits into your diet, you can lead a healthy and energetic life and keep iron deficiency at bay.