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Everything You Need To Know About Strep Throat

When was the last time you got a sore throat? Was it accompanied by any other symptoms? Most of us dismiss a sore throat...

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mullein?

Mullein, or common mullein, is a traditional medicinal plant. It’s full of polyphenols with anti-oxidative activity. As an antiseptic, it can protect wounds and treat staph skin infections. It will also fight the flu thanks to its antiviral properties. Additional health benefits include relief from diarrhea, abdominal pain, and migraines. Mullein can be inhaled or smoked to soothe the respiratory tract and help asthma.
Can Using Public Transport Raise The Risk Of Getting Sick?

Can Using Public Transport Raise The Risk Of Getting Sick?

Public transport systems such as buses, trains, and planes can be breeding grounds for various bacteria and germs that cause diseases. These modes of transport witness many people who may be suffering from illnesses or may be carrying deadly viruses. When such people breathe, sneeze, cough or speak, they transfer the bacteria, which may pass on to other people when they come in contact with them.
Effective Therapeutic Benefits Of Baking Soda Solution

5 Effective Therapeutic Benefits Of Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda is widely used for baking and cleaning purposes. However, oral ingestion of baking soda solution has various therapeutic benefits. Due to its alkaline nature, it treats heartburn and indigestion, relieves symptoms of UTI, cures gout, and wards off cold and flu. It also prevents the spreading of cancer by controlling metastasis.

7 Ways Lemon Water Fixes Health Problems, Instead Of Pills

Pills are useful, but they come with many side effects. Lemon water can actually replace the need for drugs. You can use it to treat an upset stomach, cold, or flu. Trying to lose weight? Drink lemon water for appetite control. This simple remedy will manage diabetes, hypertension, bone metabolism, and brain decline. It might be just what you need to prevent chronic disease. To make lemon water, add fresh or store-bought lemon juice to hot or cold water.

Skullcap: Health Benefits, Side-Effects And Skullcap Tea

Skullcap has been used for over two centuries by people across the world in treating various diseases. Skullcap contains many properties that are beneficial in treating cancer, heart diseases, pain, inflammation, flu and other conditions. Many studies have been conducted by acclaimed institutions that have scientifically proven most of its benefits. However, it has some side-effects and certain precautions must be considered before using skullcap.

Foods To Avoid During A Cold Or Flu

Even the most descriptive adjectives cannot express the terrible, pathetic and disgusting feeling we experience when we suffer from a cold and flu. Appetite...

Interesting Myths About The Immune System And The Truth Behind Them

The human immune system is made up of a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that form a team to maintain overall health and...

8 Best Essential Oils For Cold And Flu Treatment

Try these essential oils to boost your immunity naturally and promote the prevention of disease, general wellness and to stay young. Essential oils for treating...

6 Signs Of Heart Disease Your Body Gives You

We all know your heart is one of the most important vital organs in the human body. Not all heart diseases come with billboards...

Hibiscus Flowers: Good For All Blood Types!!

Hibiscus is a very safe herb, and it is good for all blood types. Read more to learn about its miraculous health benefits.

What You Might Gain Drinking Golden Milk?

Golden milk is a combination of turmeric and ginger along with coconut milk and/or coconut oil. Turmeric helps fight indigestion, relieves joint/muscle pain; ginger is great at fighting nausea, soothing stomachaches; coconut milk helps lower the cholesterol levels. A warm glass of turmeric milk at night helps soothe a sore throat and is an effective shield against cold/flu.

Autumn Cold And Flu Help!

Wondering how to prevent the onslaught of autumn cold/flu? Check-out these natural tips to boost your immune system and keep colds and flu at bay!

Can Onions Help Ward Off Flu?

The thought that the humble onion can battle respiratory infections might seem ludicrous. Here’s why the onion that gets you all teary-eyed can also be incredibly soothing and ease symptoms of flu, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis.

Keep Cold And Flu At Bay With These Home Remedies

A few sips of fresh ginger-infused hot water or a spoonful of honey can soothe an itchy throat. 3-4 cups of green tea a day can expel the flu virus. Garlic tea and vit C-rich lemonade and lemon tea reduces phlegm buildup and boosts immunity. A cup of peppermint tea, a saline water gargle, and steam inhalation can clear out a nasty congestion by helping you cough up mucous.