What Are The Health Benefits Of Mullein?

Every herb seems to be magical. But if there’s one that fits the bill, it’s mullein.

This medicinal plant is also known as Verbascum thapsus L. and common mullein.1 It has been used all over the world, from European folk medicine to Pakistani tribes.2 3 These days, it is easy to find commercially, making it a must-have for your home.


From the root to the flower, every part of mullein has health benefits. Here are seven ways this plant can transform your health.

1. Provides Antioxidants

Mullein provides antioxidants


Disease prevention is one of the best uses of mullein. This herb is teeming with polyphenols!4 These micronutrients have strong anti-oxidative abilities, giving you protection from diseases like cancer and heart disease.5

2. Cleans Cuts And Wounds

Mullein is a natural antiseptic


As a natural antiseptic, mullein is great for treating cuts and wounds.6 Its antimicrobial activity will kill harmful bacteria and protect your injury. This way, you can pave the way for proper healing.

This benefit of mullein is so strong that it can even destroy Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria that causes staph skin infections.7


3. Relieves Diarrhea

Mullein helps to relieve diarrhea

Dealing with an upset stomach? Turn to mullein. This plant is a gentle, traditional remedy for diarrhea.8 It’ll also work if you have diarrhea with blood, a type of gastroenteritis called dysentery.9


4. Eases Abdominal Pain

Mullein helps to ease abdominal pain

Sometimes, diarrhea gets so bad that it causes stomach pain. You might also feel cramps from gas, pulled muscles, or simply eating too much.10 But mullein can save the day.
It’s all thanks to the antispasmodic activity. This will relax your abdominal muscles and help the pain subside.11


5. Treats Flus

Mullein helps to treat flu

Mullein is a strong antiviral agent. Research has even shown specific antiviral activity against the influenza virus. Because of this benefit, mullein is considered to be an amazing flu cure.12


To top it off, this herb is known for treating fevers and coughs, two common flu symptoms.13 Plus, the relaxing effect will help you get some rest.

6. Controls Asthma

Mullein leaves benefit asthma

If you have asthma, smoking is a big no-no. So you might be surprised to know that smoking mullein leaves can benefit asthma. Traditionally, it’s been used to ease chest complaints and other lung problems.14 Be sure to work with a holistic doctor before trying this remedy.

However, all forms of mullein have a soothing action on the respiratory tract.15

7. Cures Migraines

Mullein helps to cure a migraine

Are you prone to headaches? Next time, skip the ibuprofen and reach for mullein. It has health benefits for migraine headaches, making it an important herb to keep on hand.16

Try combining mullein oil with peppermint oil, one of the best headache remedies.17

How To Use Mullein

Mullein is available in many forms. As a tea, it pairs well with dried spearmint leaves, honey, and lemon. If you don’t like the taste, boil the tea and inhale the steam. This is a great way to heal your lungs and throat.

Mullein essential oil is perfect for aromatherapy. To apply it to the skin, dilute five drops in a carrier oil like coconut, apricot, or grapeseed oil.

You can also find this herb in capsules. Because of mullein’s benefits, this can be an alternative to drugs like Advil (for headaches) and Imodium (for diarrhea).