6 Signs Of Heart Disease Your Body Gives You

We all know your heart is one of the most important vital organs in the human body. Not all heart diseases come with billboards and alarms. Some heart problems do not even concern the chest. It is up to you  to keep a close eye on that ticker of yours and to make sure everything is fine. This has to be taken up more seriously by people who are overweight, above the age of 50, diabetic, and those who suffer from high cholesterol and hypertension. Take a look at 6 of these symptoms that could mean your blood-pumper is in trouble.

1. Difficulty To Carry Out Daily Routines


All of a sudden you will find it difficult to do even do the most basic things in your daily routine. This is a common symptom of poor blood circulation in your body. It happens because your arteries narrow down, hindering smooth blood flow into your brain and and other parts of the body. If you suddenly feel lost or keep getting the idea that something is wrong with your cognitive or physical abilities, then consider it a red flag and seek medical attention immediately.

2. Dizziness Or Lightheadedness


Dizziness  could be caused by a lot of factors- maybe you didn’t eat a proper meal or your body is just weak, or worst case scenario, your heart is in trouble. When there is a fall in the rate of blood flow in your body, you will feel lightheaded. This symptom would also be accompanied by chest discomfort and  breathlessness. Contact a doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

3. Breaking Out In Cold Sweats


If you start breaking out in cold sweats even though you do not have a fever, then it could be because there is a problem with your body’s blood circulation. You start sweating more than usual and your skin becomes clammy and sticky. Night sweats are also a common symptom of a heart in trouble; especially in women. Many people don’t take these signs seriously, as they would just blame it on the weather, spicy food, or a workout. But don’t ever overlook them!

4. Chest Pain And More


Another common symptom involves discomfort in your chest and the areas connected to it. Chest pain along with pain in your left arm is one of the signs most people associate with heart attack. It can also cause pain in other parts like your shoulder, upper abdomen, neck, throat, jaws, teeth, or back. Most of the times, the pain may not even involve the chest.

5. Frequent Bouts Of Cold And Flu


Often, people who are embarking upon a heart attack  suffer from cold, cough, and flu very often. Most people tend to overlook such signs as they mistake them for  the after effect of  climate change or viral infections. It’s very difficult to link such symptoms with a weak heart, but it’s better if you get yourself checked if you keep getting frequent bouts of cold, cough, or flu.

6. Overwhelming Fatigue


Fatigue and falling short of breath are other alarms that your body gives you. Fatigue has been observed to be a more common heart attack symptom in women than men. This symptom starts surfacing a few months before you are about to get a heart attack. So, the next time you start feeling tired for no reason, do take it seriously and make sure your heart is healthy and fit.