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Top 3 Essential Oil Remedies To Prevent And Treat The Flu

With the change of seasons and our constant exposure to disease-causing viruses at home or work, flu is one of the most common health conditions...

Flu Stress: Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Have you ever wondered why you get a cold or tend to sneeze more when you are emotionally troubled? If you haven’t realized it...

Ginger Ale Drink For Relief From Pain, Migraines, And Inflammation

The hectic lives that we live in make us often prone to headaches, nausea, gastric issues, cold, and stress. Inflammation, too, is a common...

5 Homemade Beverages That Will Drive Your Cold Or Flu Away

If you have a severe cold or the flu, you’re bound to lose a lot of water and become dehydrated. Replenish your body fluid reserves with homemade beverages that also strengthen your immune system. Make pineapple tea by heating ½–1 cup of pineapple juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp of honey, and ½ tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a saucer. Sip on this concoction slowly for relief from your cold or flu.

Stay Healthy This Flu Season With This DIY Ginger Detox Bath

The warming, anti-inflammatory effect of ginger along with the absorption-boosting properties of Epsom salt helps your body sweat out the toxins while it simultaneously soaks up essential minerals and nutrients for smooth and efficient functioning. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar help restore your body's pH levels to keep it infection-free, while enhancing oxygen supply to the cells and boosting your immune levels to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

7 Flu Shot Alternatives To See You Through The Winter

Winter is the season of cold winds, snow, and the flu. Are flu shots your only way out? Not really. This winter, take the natural route and choose these flu shot alternatives. Certain plants and herbs can act as preventive measures and fight the virus, treat the symptoms if you're already sick, and boost your immune function. Be sure you include these foods in your regular diet to keep the flu at bay.

Stomach Flu: How Long Do Symptoms Last?

The stomach flu, or viral gastroenteritis, is an infection of the digestive system. It causes frustrating symptoms like watery diarrhea, vomiting, chills, stomach cramps, and soreness. The main goal here is to prevent dehydration, so drink lots of liquids and stay hydrated. The stomach flu goes away on its own after 1 to 3 days. Visit the doctor if symptoms last longer or your stool has blood because it might be a sign of a bigger problem.
Did you know these facts about the stomach flu

8 Facts About The Stomach Flu You Probably Didn’t Know

Coming down with the stomach flu will be one of the least glamorous moments of your life. In between all the (explosive) diarrhea and...
How to be your healthiest self this fall season

7 Ways To Stay Healthy This Fall Season

It’s that time of the year again when everything from candles to lattes are flavored with pumpkin spice! Fall is more than just an...
It is important to get the flu shot.

11 Myths About The Flu And The Flu Vaccine Busted

When flu season rolls around, the best way to protect yourself is the flu shot. Contrary to popular belief, you still need the flu shot even if you are healthy. Similarly, you can still pass it on even if you don't show any symptoms. Some people believe flu shots cause Alzheimer’s disease which isn’t true.. It is better to get vaccinated than risk contracting the disease.
Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

To protect yourself from the flu, focus on the gut. Clostridium orbiscindens – a good bacterium – breaks down flavonoids creating metabolites that enhance antiviral ability, so eat a flavonoid-rich diet. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit and berries like blackberries and elderberries are top choices. Dark chocolate, red cabbage, and chickpeas are also high in flavonoids. Black or green tea will also help, even if you already have the flu.

Food Poisoning Vs Flu: How To Tell The Difference

Food poisoning from the norovirus looks a lot like the flu. It causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and sometimes fever and body aches. Flu symptoms also spark fever and aches but it comes with coughing, sore throat, headache, and chills. Food poisoning only lasts up to 3 days, so anything longer is probably the flu. Coughing and chills are additional tell-tale signs.

A Pineapple And Turmeric Smoothie For The Dreaded Flu

Catching a common cold is quite common. Pineapple and turmeric are simple foods that strengthen us from the inside-out. With a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamin C, pineapple helps strengthen immunity. Turmeric is considered a superfood with its free radical scavenging ability to cure common colds and sore throats in no time. In order to get the full benefit of the two super foods, we have to combine them. A pineapple and turmeric infused smoothie is a great option, with some coconut oil and dates for added flavor.

Should You Run When You’re Sick?

Runners are determined folk. They run. And they run. And then they run some more. Come hail, rain or sunshine. But what about times...
unwanted bacteria and viruses

7 Gross Infections You Can Pick Up At The Gym And How To Treat...

The world around us and our bodies are filled with billions of microorganisms, both harmful and the helping kind. Most of the time, our...