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9 Effective Home Remedies For Neck Pain Relief

To relieve neck pain without drugs try simple exercises like neck tilts and stretches. Yoga asanas like the mountain pose, shoulder shrugs, cobra pose, and child’s pose also help. To relieve inflammation or stiffness try a hot or cold compress. A change of pillow or mattress can ease the pain as well. Maintaining the right posture is just as important to prevent future episodes and stop the pain from getting worse.

Restorative Yoga: 5 Poses To Balance Your Hormones

Stress causes hormonal imbalance; however, restorative yoga can help manage stress levels, thereby maintaining hormonal balance. Fish pose relieves tension in the neck and chest whereas legs up the wall pose improves blood circulation, reducing anxiety. Sphinx pose relieves stress in the chest and shoulders while seated forward bend pose stretches the stiff back muscles. Corpse pose is perfect for relaxation.

3 Tips On How To Find A Balance Within You This Autumn

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Five best yoga poses to take care of your liver.

The Best Yoga Poses For Liver Health

Yoga is known for stimulating vital organs of your body. It holds true even for the liver, one of the largest organs of your...
can help you keep your kidneys healthy

6 Yoga Poses That Can Improve Your Kidney Function

There is no parallel to yoga as a form of complete mind-body fitness routine. The poses or asanas may look weird but they have...
Peaceful Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

7 Peaceful Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Stress is normal, but it can get the best of us. For natural relief, do peaceful yoga moves. The easy pose is a classic meditation move, so it'll get you in the zone. Meanwhile, the cobra pose, extended puppy pose, and wide-legged forward bend will release physical and mental tension. Do the downward dog for a classic full-body stretch. Restorative poses, like child's pose and corpse pose, are perfect when just need a break.

9 Effective Yoga Poses For Women Over 60

Aging is not an easy process for either men or women. However, for women, aging can bring its own challenges that most men may...

5 Yoga Poses For Firm And Healthy Breasts

Poses such as the bhujangasana, viprita karani, and shirshasana help strengthen the abdominal muscles, spine, and torso, naturally providing support for the breasts. The trikonasana and the virabhadrasana do the same, providing flexibility and strength. Regular practice of these poses will help shape, lift, and tone your breasts naturally.
Beginner-friendly Tweaks To The Most Common Yoga Poses

Beginner-friendly Tweaks To The Most Common Yoga Poses

Using props like straps, blocks, folded towels, and cushions help attain a yoga pose easily for beginners. The common beginner yoga poses include cobra pose, downward facing dog, garland pose, warrior III pose, half moon pose, and cobbler's pose.
Poses That Prove It's Possible To Do Yoga In Bed

7 Poses That Prove It’s Possible To Do Yoga In Bed

Doing yoga is surprisingly easy in a bed. Dealing with back pain? Try a reclining spinal twist, knee-to-chest back stretch, or cobra pose. You can also do hip openers like the butterfly. If you feel tense, loosen up with a playful happy baby pose. Child's pose and corpse pose are awesome for relaxation. These moves can work for both morning and night, so don't limit yourself. It's the best way to move in and out of bed.
Yoga Moves To Get Rid Of Hunchback Or Kyphosis

5 Yoga Moves To Get Rid Of Hunchback Or Kyphosis

With the power of yoga, you can reverse a hunchback. Downward facing dog will strengthen the back muscles that supports the spine. You can also do cobra and cat-cow pose to stretch your upper back. In a chair, knee to ankle pose relieves hunchback-induced hip pain. End your routine with child's pose – a restorative position. Before doing any of these moves, consult a doctor or physical therapist. You might need to use a supportive sling.

8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Older Beginners

Yoga can strengthen you from outside and within, no matter how old you are. Seniors can begin doing yoga with poses like the triangle pose, butterfly pose, child pose, and cobra pose. Also, styles like locust pose, wind-relieving pose, tree pose, and bridge pose can help relieve you from back pain and digestive related issues.
These poses help more than just your heart though.

5 Yoga Poses For Better Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. Most of the time, lifestyle choices like unhealthy eating, smoking and lack...
Yoga Poses For Naturally Glowing Skin and Face

6 Yoga Poses For A Naturally Glowing Face and Skin

Practicing the cobra pose regularly makes your skin smooth and helps it stretch. The plow pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose, and child pose enhance blood circulation to your face, giving you glowing skin. If hormonal imbalance is leaving your skin with acne and pimples, practice the fish pose.

6 Great Yoga Poses For Inflexible People

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that has taken over much of the world. An important aspect of yoga is the asanas, which...