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3 Differences Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Most people and publications interchangeably use the terms dementia and Alzheimer's disease. But, Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. Patients with frontotemporal dementia are less spontaneous than those with Alzheimer's. Vascular dementia patients are more depressed while Lewy body dementia patients have better verbal memory skills. Parkinson's disease dementia comes with tremors. Genetics might cause Alzheimer's while alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies, viral infections, and heart disease cause dementia.

It’s Time You Replaced Your Plastic Combs With Wooden Ones

Who doesn’t dream of long, lustrous hair shining with health? But hair like that needs all the gentle and loving care it can get....
Mold is caused by condensation and excess moisture

6 Simple Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Property

If you've lived in a student's hostel or traveler's digs, there must've been times when you had to dry your clothes inside. Combine this with other common winter habits like keeping your windows sealed or running the humidifier and you might as well allow mould to settle in your place for the cold season. From improving your home's ventilation to checking your walls or roof for leaks, the only way to fight the annual mould attack is by reducing condensation on your property.

Natural Ways To Improve Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation could be the result of various factors, such as smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. To cure bad circulation, include garlic, dark chocolate, coconut oil, green tea, and apple cider vinegar in your diet. Also, avoid smoking and exercise regularly to improve blood flow.
The kitchen can become a hot place when cooking in the summer

8 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Cool On A Hot Day

The kitchen is hot irrespective of the seasons. While cooking can be very interesting in the winter with the aroma of hot, home cooked food and the warmth of the stove keeping us cozy, it can be a tiring task to cook in hot weather. By improving air circulation and using shades when it is too hot, you can make the kitchen bearable. Use a pressure cooker and other kitchen appliances in place of a hot plate can help. Cooking meals that require little to no heat feel good.

The Role of Vitamin C In The Treatment Of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)

Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a condition that is characterized by problems due to both clotting and bleeding. The fundamental physiological problem in DIC...

6 Reasons That Will Make You Consider Ditching Your Bra

New evidence suggests that wearing bras isn’t quite the way forward, and that going bra-less actually has a number of benefits. These not only include improved blood circulation and stronger pectoral muscles, but also better quality sleep and more comfort. The biggest benefit of all? Naturally perkier and rounder breasts that enhance your overall body shape! With benefits like these, who needs more reason to ditch their bras?
7 Health Benefits Of Sirsasana Or Headstand Pose

7 Health Benefits Of Sirsasana Or Headstand Pose

Sirsasana or the headstand pose increases blood circulation to the brain, improving concentration and memory. It also teaches the individual the art of balancing and improves balancing skills. This pose strengthens the core and shoulder and arm muscles. It improves digestion and helps remove the toxins and other waste materials from the body. It relieves stress and also reduces fluid retention or edema.

5 Benefits Of Hot Tub Yoga You Should Know About

Hot tub yoga poses help in a variety of ways for not just regular people but also for athletes as well as by keeping them relaxed as well as energetic. They also help in circulation of blood, use of essential oils, helping with senior citizens, loosening the muscles and also providing with a hydrotherapy. The various poses for this include the wave pose, the half boat pose and the breakwater pose.
The link between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.

Is There A Link Between Hemorrhoids And Erectile Dysfunction?

Researchers now declare that men diagnosed with hemorrhoids, face an increased risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. During hemorrhoids, the veins and blood vessels in and around the anal region as well as around the lower rectum get swollen. This interrupts blood flow to the blood vessels inside the penis, thus preventing the penis from getting rigid. It is quite easy to treat hemorrhoids naturally. Once successfully treated, the problem of erectile dysfunction automatically gets resolved. In case erection problems persist, it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately.

What You Should Know About Birthmarks In Babies

Birthmarks are spots or mark on the skin that are either there from birth or appear sometime after. There are different types of birthmarks...

9 Health Benefits Of The Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Forming a bride-like structure by arching your back off the ground and shifting your body weight to your shoulders and feet can benefit you in many ways. Improved blood circulation, toned glutes and hamstrings, a healthy spine, and stimulated lungs and thyroid gland are some of the obvious benefits. Like all yoga asanas, the bridge pose too helps you feel stress free.
Yoga on airplane to relieve stress

Yoga Stretches You Can Literally Do On An Airplane

The best way to combat stiff hips or lower back pain are yoga poses that you can do before you board a flight or even on your seat. Deep breathing or shoulder exercises help you relax and relieve stress before you board the flight. Other yoga stretches like shoulder shrugs, twists, or a hug for your upper back are also helpful to ease the body and relieve the pain.

5 Reasons You Should Start Stretching

If you take a good, hard look at your day, you will find that you spend a lot of time sitting, mostly in front...

10 Health Benefits Of Bilberry

Bilberries, a relative of blueberry and not the same, are tiny, nutritious berries that can make you healthy. Their benefits range from improving eyesight and blood circulation to treating cancer and Alzheimer's. They are also believed to improve the quality of hair and skin; hence, they're frequently used in cosmetic products. They're healthy, taste good, and easily available as extracts or jams.