It’s Time You Replaced Your Plastic Combs With Wooden Ones

Who doesn’t dream of long, lustrous hair shining with health? But hair like that needs all the gentle and loving care it can get. What if we were to tell you that the plastic or metal combs and brushes you are currently using, may actually be keeping your beautiful hair dreams from turning into reality? Here are 13 good reasons you need to replace your plastic and metal combs with wooden ones.

1. Wooden Combs Are Gentle On The Hair

Metal and plastic combs result in a lot of pulling and tugging at the hair which causes breakage of the hair and causes damage to the scalp as well. Wooden combs, on the other hand are gentle on the hair and don’t pull on the hair during combing. Even detangling hair and removing snags is much easier and pain-free with wooden combs.

2. They Don’t Heat Up While Blow Drying

Metal and plastic combs and brushes easily heat up while blow drying, and become difficult to hold while styling the hair. Wooden combs, being bad conductors of heat, have no such issues.

3. They Boost Hair Growth And Condition The Hair

Using wooden combs and brushes enhances blood circulation in the scalp and spreads the sebum throughout the hair gently. This keeps the hair follicles in good shape and boosts the overall health of the hair, which is why the hair grows thicker and longer. And what’s more, the hair gets a natural conditioner, that makes it shine with good health.

4. They Prevent Dry And Greasy Hair

Wooden combs ensure an even distribution of the natural oils produced by the scalp to keep the hair healthy. As the oil is spread all over the hair evenly from the root to the ends, it prevents overly dry or overly greasy areas in the hair and scalp.

5. They Improve Blood Circulation In The Scalp

Wooden combs and brushes with their wider and smoother teeth and bristles improve the blood circulation as you comb your hair with them and with better circulation the hair becomes healthier and stronger.

6. They Don’t Generate Static Electricity

Plastic and metal combs are known to generate a lot of static electricity in the hair making it brittle. Wooden combs are bad conductors of electricity and don’t harm the hair as there is no static electricity generated.

7. They Don’t Hurt Your Scalp

Wooden combs and brushes are gentle on the scalp as their teeth and bristles are more rounded and smooth.

8. They Help Get Rid Of Dandruff

Wooden combs help redistribute the sebum produced in the scalp while massaging it gently thereby discouraging dandruff or flaky skin to develop on the scalp, something that metal and plastic combs can’t boast about doing.

9. They Add Bounce And Shine To Your Hair

Using wooden combs and brushes adds a bounce and shine to your hair. This is because wooden combs are gentle on the hair and while combing and brushing, they allow for an even distribution of the sebum produced in the scalp and help spread it from the roots to the tips of the hair. They also help in boosting the blood circulation in the scalp giving a new life to otherwise dull hair.

10. They Help Keep Dirt Off Your Hair

Wooden combs help brush away dirt and other particles from the hair. Plastic and metallic combs aren’t able to do this as they generate static electricity and the dirt clings on to the hair and just gets redistributed back into the hair.

11. They Relax The Mind

Using a wooden comb or brush on the scalp feels like a gentle massage. This isn’t just great for the hair, but also has a calming effect on the nerves and the mind. This is in total contrast to plastic combs that usually only cause pain and discomfort.

12. They’re Good For Long Hair


Maintaining long hair can be quite a chore and wooden combs and brushes make that easier with the ease with which they help detangle hair, without hair breakage and without causing any pain.

13. They Last Long

Unlike with plastic and metal combs and brushes, which keep needing to be replaced due to broken bristles and teeth, wooden combs are hardy and very durable.