6 Reasons That Will Make You Consider Ditching Your Bra

As young girls inch their way into adolescence, they are taught that wearing a bra is a rite of passage. While bra-shopping remains a thrilling experience for many of us, it may surprise you to learn that many of the so-called advantages of the bra are quite exaggerated. While it completely depends on your comfort level and body type, there are a number of situations where donning a bra might be absolutely unnecessary.

6 Reasons That Will Make You Consider Ditching Your Bra

New evidence suggests that wearing bras isn’t quite the way forward. Here are 6 benefits of going bra-less that you need to know about, pronto!


1. Your Breasts Will Get Perkier

Going bra-less keeps your chest muscles strong so they are able to hold up your breasts and make them look perky.

The fact that wearing a bra keeps your breasts from sagging over time is a myth. Bras, in fact, affect the natural perkiness of your breasts by causing them to lose their shape over the years.


This is because the “support” provided by bras causes your chest muscles or pectoral muscles that would otherwise fight against gravity, to lose their strength. As a result, your breasts start drooping, thus further reinforcing the idea that a bra is necessary for maintaining your breasts’ perkiness and overall shape.

Try and set your breasts free as much as possible to ensure that you keep your chest muscles healthy and strong. Over time, these will be able to hold up your breasts even better, making them look perky and happy.


2. Your Circulation Will Get A Boost

Going bra-free ensures proper blood circulation around your chest area.

It’s odd to think that our bras might be causing us health problems. However, it turns out that they may have a significant impact on your cardiovascular wellness. The bra is, after all, nothing but a glorified rubber band snapped around your chest. The tightness and squeezing caused by wearing a bra can compress vital blood vessels, slowing down and impeding your circulation.


Establish a routine where you go bra-free to ensure proper blood circulation around your chest area. This may even make a difference in terms of giving you an overall energy boost!

3. You’ll Sleep Better

Sleeping without your bra will make you more comfortable and give you a good night's rest.


Having a hard time falling asleep? It’s possible your bra is to blame.

Firstly, wearing a bra snapped on tight around your chest and lungs to bed inevitably leads to discomfort and difficulties in sleeping. Secondly, it is suggested that bras can mess up your circadian rhythms even when you’re not wearing them. This will only keep you from getting a good night’s rest.


Even if you can’t go completely bra-less, make it a practice to set your ‘ladies’ free when you’re home and definitely when you’re hitting the pillow.

4. Your Breast Health Will Improve

Going bra-free allows better blood flow to your breasts and your lungs, which is essential to keep them healthy.


In most cases, bras are not dangerous to your health. If, however, you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit well, it can cause you shortness of breath, rib pain, and a series of other medical problems.

Most bras are also made of materials that don’t let your skin breathe. This traps in dirt and grime, that could lead to irritated, unhealthy skin around your breasts.

Making sure that you get your daily dose of being bra-less will also improve overall blood flow to your chest and lungs, and tighten and tone your muscles.

5. You’ll Be More Comfortable

Skipping the bra gives you an undeniable feeling of comfort.

There’s no denying that welcoming rush of relief that comes with snapping off your bra at the end of a long, tiring day. If the bra in question happens to come with itchy lace trimmings, chances are you’re going to look forward to stripping down even more.

The idea of feeling that level of comfort all throughout the day is fairly tempting to many of us, enough to convince us to change our relationship with our bra.

6. You May Gain A Cup Size

Going bra-free results in toned chest muscles that make your breasts appear naturally fuller and rounder.

Achieving a buxom appearance is something that many of us long for. The first thing we do to fulfill this dream of ours is to reach out for a push-up bra that promises you to give you instant cleavage and a more “oomph-worthy” chest. On the contrary, ditching these heavily padded cups could be the best way for you to gain a cup size naturally – though of course, this isn’t an overnight affair.

As mentioned earlier, letting your breasts hang naturally makes your pectoral muscles work harder to resist gravity, thus strengthening them further over time. Though your breasts won’t actually grow in size, the firm, toned muscles around them will give your overall chest size a boost, making it appear fuller and enhancing its shape.

While it may not be possible to skip wearing a bra completely, establishing a habit of going bra-less has great benefits for the health and shape of your breasts. The results won’t show up immediately, but over time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself sporting healthier, fuller, and perkier breasts that will serve to compliment your body type!