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5 Causes Of A Nervous Or Mental Breakdown

If you've been experiencing mental breakdowns, you can chalk it up to stress and anxiety. This can be triggered by a demanding job that doesn't boost your morale or offer social support. It could also be caused due to a divorce or troubles with your partner. Poor general health, academic pressure, and financial difficulties can also pile on the stress.

How To Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

The expression "you are your own worst enemy" rings true for most of us. Each one of us is capable of undermining our own...

10 Common Causes Of Hypnagogic Hallucinations

Are you experiencing vivid colors, or especially those odd images before falling asleep? Perhaps, some sounds or voices in the darkness of your bedroom...
how to break sugar addiction

12 Simple Ways To Break Sugar Addiction

Sugar intake causes dopamine and opioids to be released, in much the way addictive drugs do. Beating the addiction will take some reorganizing of your grocery list to exclude sugary sodas and processed foods, and to include more protein, high-fiber, and low glycemic load foods. Exercise, mindfulness training, chewing gum can help kick the sugar habit.

Simple Chakra Empowering Practices To Release Addictions

Our chakra system is the foundation of mind, body, and spirit well-being. When we experience challenging life circumstances, we often feel we have little control...

5 Surprising Side Effects Of Porn Addiction You Didn’t Know

While porn can be a means of education or an outlet for sexual urges, addiction can affect one's daily functioning. It can trigger intense feelings of guilt, shame, or despair, eventually leading to depression, seclusion, and low self-esteem. It can affect sexual relationships and the quality of one's sex life. It can also indicate sexual addiction and lead to risky sexual and professional behavior.

5 Ways Yoga Helped Me Overcome My Addiction

Understanding how we lose control of our will and give in to the use of some substance is a lot harder than most of...
why do i crave salty foods

Why Do I Crave Salty Foods?

A salty food craving is a strong urge or desire that can turn to an addiction in some people. For others, this craving could actually be masking an underlying mineral deficiency or a health problem like Addison’s disease. Sometimes, just exercising a lot, becoming dehydrated or having a bout of diarrhea can cause excessive water and salt loss from the body, bringing on temporary salt cravings.

How Meditation Changes The Brain And Body

Contemplating on meditation? Here are some reasons why you should meditate to get benefited.

The Importance Of Individual Solutions For Individual Challenges

One size really does fit all, just as long as the only fit you want is a bad fit. There are some situations in...

How Yoga Can Help You Quit Smoking

Picking up starting to smoke is a decision often regretted. A destructive habit with no positives, but for the benefit of the bank accounts...

5 Things You Might Be Addicted To, But Do Not Know It

Are all addictions bad? The term addiction is usually used when someone is addicted to a harmful substance but an addiction can either be...

Ways To Keep Alcohol Addiction At Bay After A Detox Program

Getting back to normal after completing a alcohol rehab program, may feel daunting. Here is how a good work structure and support system can help.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Healthy Home

Want to create a toxin-free home for you and your family? Here's how to detox your home and make it more healthy and safe for babies and toddlers!

10 Easy Ways To Increase Dopamine Levels In The Brain

Do you know that human brain has as many as 86 billion neurons? These neurons communicate with each other through brain chemicals called neurotransmitters....