Simple Tips, Recipes And Foods For Improved Digestive Health

Troubled with heartburn and indigestion? When you are craving for a better digestive health, there is simply no substitute for eating a healthy and balanced diet!

Healthy Foods That Aid Digestion

Fill it up with plenty of fluids, probiotics – like tummy-friendly yogurt and foods rich in dietary fiber to make your digestive system run smoothly and swiftly. Read on to find healthy foods and recipes made with ingredients that improve the nutritional absorption and aid in digestion.


Wonders Of Chamomile For Healing An Upset Stomach


Bisabolol, one of the prime constituents of chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties which relaxes the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract. Chamomile effectively reduces gastritis and other inflammations of the mucous membranes and also reduces menstrual cramps and indigestion pain. For effective results just boil water, soak a flower and sip.


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How Papaya Fruit Can Help Cure Heartburn And Indigestion?



Papaya is an excellent treatment for digestive disorders and extremely useful for any disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract. Papain, the powerful enzyme in papaya, helps to dissolve and digest protein, thus easing stomach ailments and indigestion. It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins A, C and E, and the enzyme in papaya also breaks down wheat gluten, which may be of great help to those with celiac disease.

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Can Too Much Fruit Consumption Cause Bloating?


In general, consuming whole fruit is good. However, in some cases fruits with excess fructose, soluble fiber or sorbitol can cause bloating, especially in people suffering from dietary fructose intolerance. It is best to avoid excessive consumption of apples, pears, peaches, plums and watermelon. Bananas, honeydew melon and strawberries are safer options.


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How Pumpkin Can Regulate Your Digestion Aiding Weight Loss



Pumpkin is very easy to digest because it is low in starch and sugar. It is also a chock full of fiber, which helps to slow down the digestion process. This means that you will feel fuller longer, helping you to ward off cravings and snack binges, thus aiding weight loss.

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Why Are Cucumbers A Crucial Part Of Any Detox Diet?


Adding cucumbers to a part of your detox diet can be very beneficial helping you cleanse your system. Cucumbers contain a rich amount of water and dietary fiber that helps improve digestion, eliminate toxins and help in quick weight loss.

Improve Digestion And Manage Pain With Cayenne Pepper


Stomach acid tends to decline with age, and some cases of poor digestion are related to a lack of this acid. Cayenne Pepper stimulates digestion and muscle movement in the intestines, which helps restore deficient digestive secretions and aids absorption of food nutrients.

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Natural Homemade Probiotic Foods For Healthy Gut


The best natural homemade probiotic food is yogurt (curd) or dahi. It is home made, natural, has no preservatives and comes loaded with healthy probiotic bacteria. Having this in small quantities is very helpful for acidity and digestion and also contains protein and calcium in a form which is easy to absorb by the body. Follow these easy steps to make yogurt at home.

How To Cook Beans For Better Digestion


By choosing whole foods and using proper cooking methods, we can make meals much more digestible and therefore, allow our bodies to absorb the beneficial nutrients they provide. The high fiber content in beans and lentils assist in moving food through our digestive system, stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. Here are few steps to cook beans in a better way, making them much easier on your digestive system and more of a pleasure to eat.

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Healthy Recipes To Aid Digestion

Pickled Beets For A Healthy Digestive System


Consuming beets regularly results in a natural liver and blood cleanse. Considered to be a super food, every inch of the beet is edible. The greens make a great salad or can be sauteed like spinach. Consume them prior to eating your meal to stimulate digestion. Pickled beets make an amazing stand alone dish, is simple to make and unfailingly delicious.

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Tangy Cucumber Salad To Improve Your Digestion


This is a very healthy snack or side dish. Cucumbers are one of the most alkaline vegetables, which help offset a highly acidic diet. Ingredients like ginger, carrots, scallions used in this recipe are good for digestion, especially for those with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or other GI (gastrointestinal disorders) issues.

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Water Based Drinks That Aid Digestion And Cleansing


Water is very essential to the body and it’s processes. Adding some herbs, fruits and vegetables to the water will not only improve it’s taste, but can offer some added health benefits such as cleansing and boosting the digestion process. The following water add-ons – Fresh mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, ginger root, freshly squeezed lime juice, cucumber, cinnamon, chia seeds and triphala will surely help stimulate the digestion process.

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