How My Family Is Staying Healthy This Season

I have had a special request for all my tips on how my family is staying healthy this season. There are quite a few! The best part is, they are all really simple. You probably already know of most of these (but, it helps to be reminded every now and then).

Working as a natural health and wellness practitioner, I can tell you that the very best way to stay healthy year round is to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you. There are A LOT of things that can go into this. The important thing is to figure out what works for you.

My family is rarely sick: My whole family, not just my husband and I. We all practice many of these tips and can all claim that they will get you on track, and fast!

Health All Throughtout The Year

Starting during this flu season when you hear that flu has hit your local school is probably not soon enough to completely build up your immune system. While there are many preventative measures to take (and I’ll give those towards the

end) the best way is to start as soon as you can.

Make Healthy Eating Choices

No brainer right? Eating healthy foods provides your body with much-needed nutrients to detox your body and build up your cells and immune system.

I realize that many people are stuck in a rut over this topic and it’s hard to know where to start. Start by cutting out refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, carbonated beverages, and processed foods. From there, try to lower your carbohydrates.

Eating carbs in excess causes inflammation in the body, which affects ALL the body’s functions. If you want more of my tips on creating healthy eating habits, you can read more here.

Drink Plenty Of Water

I know this is everyone’s favorite thing to hear (she says dripping with sarcasm). Water carries toxins out of the body and keeps your cells hydrated. When your body gets overloaded with toxins you get sick. It’s simple. Here’s the catch.

You’re not doing yourself any favors by adding those flavored packages to your water! They’re FULL of artificial

sweeteners, flavors, and additives that don’t do you any good.  Instead, squeeze some lemon or lime or infuse a pitcher of water with oranges or cucumbers overnight in the fridge. It adds flavor and some vitamins, without adding anything unhealthy.

Exercise Regularly

There are lots of ways that you can incorporate exercise into your life, even if in only 20 minute-a-day intervals. It’s better than nothing. Go for a walk, go for a swim, hit the gym, find a fun class to take on Groupon or in a local fitness club.

Have a buddy go with you. If that doesn’t fit your schedule there are plenty of free videos on youtube to give you some ideas of stuff you can do at home.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Do you know what’s on the bottom of your shoes? It’s gross! I won’t get into it now, but trust me. Do some quick googling, you’ll see. It’s disgusting, and when you wear your shoes in the house, even if you think you haven’t stepped in anything icky, you have … and you’ve just tracked it

all over the floors in your home.

While those germs don’t give you the flu, they still bring down your immune system. If you need to wear shoes in the house, then have a pair that is only for in the house.

Preventive Measures To Take During Cold And Flu Season

There are some things that we add in specifically during the cold and flu season for preventative measures.

Herbal Teas

Nature gives you everything you need. There are many herbs out there that boost your immune system, such as echinacea.

Lemon Water

I drink hot lemon water every day with a little local honey. Sometimes, I add in ginger.  It’s soothing, but it also gives you an extra kick of vitamin C and detoxes your liver and other organs.


We live in Finland, so we have a sauna (and we do them year round, but more in the winter). They’re a way of life here. But, even in the US and various other countries, many health clubs and spas, and even some yoga studios have them available for use. They are a great way to sweat out

the bad stuff and leave you feeling cleansed and relaxed.

But, even in the US and various other countries, many health clubs and spas, and even some yoga studios have them available for use. They are a great way to sweat out the bad stuff and leave you feeling cleansed and relaxed.

Colloidal Silver

I know there is a lot of controversy over this wonderful liquid, but if you find a good brand it works miracles. Seriously. I even beat E. coli with it. Find a good brand (most health stores have people that are knowledgeable) and when you have a feeling that something is fighting its way in, take a dose in the morning and evening for a day or 2 and a lot of times you can kick it before it goes full blown!