5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Have A Small Penis

It isn’t just women who fall prey to unrealistic societal expectations. With advertisements constantly making allusions to “size” and magazines promoting pills and potions to make you more “manly,” it’s easy to feel insecure about the size of your penis. But, does size really matter? Here are why reasons why it’s okay for you to have a small penis.

1. Most Partners Don’t Care About Size

Studies show that most women are satisfied with their partner's size.


Perhaps the biggest reason for insecurity associated with a small penis is the fear of not satisfying a sexual partner. However, studies have shown that when it comes to longer, more stable relationships, a majority of women think the size is unimportant.1

In fact, the most pressure about penis size seems to come from men themselves. Most men equate their attractiveness with the size of their penis. However, a study states that 85 percent of women are satisfied with their partner’s size.2 Perhaps the first step to accepting your body is to see that the people around you are comfortable with it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be either.


2. There Are Other Ways To Sexual Satisfaction

Most women need a variety of sexual acts to reach orgasm

The average vaginal size is 3 inches, with sexually active women having slightly longer vaginas.3 Meanwhile, the average penis size (erect) is 5.16 inches.4 So if you’re worried about not being able to make your partner feel “full,” then rest assured, even if you’re on the smaller size.


It’s important to remember that for most women, it’s important to engage in a variety of sexual acts,  including oral sex, to orgasm.5 To add to this, 25 percent of women don’t consistently orgasm during penetration.6 Hence, being “good in bed” comes from a range of things and not just the size that biology hands to you.

3. History Is On Your Side

Greek cultures favoured smaller penises over large ones


If you’ve ever noticed the genital organs on most Greek statues, you’d see an interesting pattern. Most of them have small penises. Turns out, small penises were more culturally accepted in ancient Greece and were largely admired. Meanwhile, large penises were associated with foolishness, lust, and ugliness.7

4. Large Is Not Always Comfortable

A lot of women experience painful sex due to large penises.


Popular culture and porn make it seem like all women prefer a larger penis for sexual satisfaction. However, there are a lot of women who experience pain during intercourse due to a large penis, sometimes because they have a sensitive cervix.8 Oral sex is also believed to be more fun when you’re on the smaller side. Hence, “bigger” is not always “better.” Smaller penises are both comfortable and painless for women, leaving more room for experimentation and fun.

5. You Can Work Your Way Around It

Experimenting can make sex life pleasurable for men with small penises.


A small penis doesn’t put you at a disadvantage in bed. It just leaves room for experimentation. There are specific sex positions that might make sex more pleasurable for both the partners. You could also try BDSM if your partner is comfortable with it. There are also many ways of sexual stimulation, especially since both partners are bound to have a sensitive “G spot.”

Experts also believe that other factors such as intimacy, psychological connection, and affection affect sexual pleasure – the key being communication.9 Hence, by working around the penis and working to your strengths instead, you can easily overcome the mental block that you might feel due to the insecurity associated with your small penis.


Often men who can’t seem to shake off the feeling that they’re less “endowed” seek surgical procedures to enlarge their penis. While it’s perfectly okay to do this, it’s important to remember that most surgical procedures are still highly experimental and that most men who do seek help are not satisfied by the results.10 This must be noted, especially considering the fact that your size doesn’t have anything to do with sexual pleasure or attractiveness.