5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make After Any Workout

The feeling that arises after a great workout session is one mixed with exhilaration and satisfaction. Almost all of us are eager to get things going and kickstart the rest of the day with the same high. Unfortunately, this overenthusiasm can be too much for your body and lead to burnout.

Many of us don’t make mistakes during training but before and after it. Below are 5 mistakes you are more likely to make after working out.


1. Not Drinking Enough Water

the importance of hydration after exercise

Hydration is key especially when your body is in a process of burning calories. It’s estimated that approximately 30-35 ml of water are required per kg of body weight in a day. If you have just finished a rigorous round of exercise, then you need to replenish your body with an extra 500-1000 ml for every hour of exercise. This is especially important if you sweat a lot!


Regardless of how much of a sweater you are, hydration is of paramount importance before, after or during a workout.1

2. Indulging In Poor Dietary Choices

avoid overeating after a workout


No matter how hard you train to burn fat and bulk up, a bad diet is going to retard your progress. Except if you are a seasoned professional sportsperson with years of intense training, your metabolism won’t burn everything you eat. For mere mortals like a majority of us, the metabolism is pretty much average.

Even if you feel like you could eat like a horse after your workout, hold that thought and be mindful. Gorge on simple proteins and complex carbohydrates rather than useless refined sugars or too much of unhealthy fats.


3. Compromising On Warm-Ups

benefits of warm-up and stretches

You are not going to achieve anything by throwing yourself into the workout regime without warming up. In fact, studies have proven that people who stretch well before and after a workout are less likely to suffer from muscle cramps. A good warm-up will get the blood flowing to all your muscles while stretching the stiff joints.


This will ensure that you have a speedy recovery after the workout instead of having muscle fatigue.2

4. Ignoring Personal Hygiene And Cleanliness

personal hygiene is important after a workout


Change into fresh clothes as soon as you finish your workout or else you are making yourself more vulnerable to serious skin infections and bad odor. make sure you wear light and breathable workout gear during training. Personal hygiene shouldn’t be ignored even on days you have little time.

If you are workout junkie with a lot of dumbbells and weights, make sure to keep your equipment properly stacked. Having a clutter-free environment is a mood-enhancer and can prevent you from suffering a fall by tripping over.


5. Forgetting To Track Your Progress

keep track of your progress

We live in a world where not posting it on social media is equivalent to not having done it at all. You don’t have to be a social media enthusiast and post your progress online every time. You can keep a personal tracker app on your smartphone to keep tabs on your progress. Sometimes, having a gym buddy or trainer help you track your progress can also help.

Next time, you hit the gym, keep the above tips in mind and make sure not to make them. Make new mistakes while training as they can be enlightening. However, making the most common errors despite awareness is not wise. Stick to your workout goals and treat your body well before, during and after the workout. It will definitely reward you for your attention.