Why Kundalini Yogi Women Are Stronger Than Men?

Why Kundalini Yogi Women Are Stronger Than Men?
Why Kundalini Yogi Women Are Stronger Than Men?

I have heard it that Yogi Bhajan said women were 16 times stronger than men. Right now an uproar is happening in the film industry with the ACLU accusing the film industry of being bias to men Directors, and discriminating women. Only 7% of Director roles have gone to women recently. Stories of women being called too ’emotional’, and propositioned for casual sex are surfacing on blogs and news stories. The other day a DJ friend of mine posted how he sees a disparity among male and female DJ lineups and wants to support women. I reflect on my choice to leave DJ’ing and sometimes I really miss it, but I found new passions, and a community where women are celebrated and revered. Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism is a place where a women can be all that she is and be honored for it. Her capacity for emotion is a gift, her body a sacred temple. This isn’t a contest rating women vs. men.  It isn’t then men or women are better or stronger then the other. Women have a wider emotional capacity, and that capacity gives us a reserve of power that is infinitely strong – if we can stay in our grace. This capacity allows us to be the mother, the sister, the wife, the leader, the doctor, the consoler, the warrior, all in the space of 15 minutes. It also bestows on us a great responsibility and challenge, a need to stay committed to our Grace and God. When a man disgraces a woman, when he puts down her capacity for deep emotion, he disgraces himself. A man has power in his reverence for a woman. When a man insults a women he takes away his own power.

Why Kundalini Yogi Woman is strong?

1. We create and carry life.

“You gave birth to Guru Nanak, you gave birth to Gautama Buddha, you gave birth to Mohammad, you gave birth to Jesus, you gave birth to Rama, you gave birth to Krishna. You gave birth to everybody.”


2. Multitasking. We can cook, plan a meeting, and do our toenails all at once.

“God has given you sixteen times more courage and more comprehensive biological physical strength than a man. Have pity on this guy! He doesn’t have all of your biochemical action, doesn’t have the mental lunar reflection, doesn’t have the sophistication and softness and doesn’t have the nervous system to deal with it, and he’s still alive!”

3. Empathy, the natural ability to step into others shoes and relieve your pain with mountains of compassion.

“All man needs is a comprehensive understanding that he shall be comforted by the woman he’s in relationship with. Man seeks a woman with whom he can put his head on her pillow and speak to her in confidence, in trust.”


4. We have an inborn capacity to excel.

“A woman’s inborn capacity to excel is 16 times more than a man’s. If she just has self-esteem that she’s a woman, there’s no power on Earth that can make her do wrong. Woman is priceless.”

5. We have not one, but four ways we can reach God and be liberated.

“You are the ultimate incarnation! You can redeem yourself four ways. Man has to become a man of God. You can become a woman of God, you can give birth to a man of God, you can serve a man of God, and you can bless as ajananee to make somebody Divine.”


6. Women, do you know that you can have any man you want (how many times have I been told this!) – make the one you want, and the one you go after with everything you’ve got GOD!

“Woman has to understand her role. Her role is not to worship God; her role is to be the very self of God. Her oneness can affect and open every heart.”

7. We are the rock, and we know where your keys are at any given time.

“Do you understand that all relationships go around you and you are the hub of every relationship? And still you want a relationship. Have you ever thought that you are the giver, you are the destiny, and you are the moksha, you are the redeemer?”


8. We have both hemispheres of the brain working at the same time.

“Man has only one hemisphere of the brain. You have both working at the same time. Your intuition is given potentially because you are going to be a mother, so all dangers in and out are known to you. You have everything plus, plus, plus.”

9. We are unstoppable.

“You are a way to God because you are a way from God. You are the first teacher. The whole world goes around you.  The day you know you are a woman in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end, God cannot defeat you.”


10. Our silence is power.

” If all the women in the United States went on strike, not speaking to men for fourteen days you could get any bill passed, including that men will massage your feet in the morning before you get up!” Recall a time you were purposefully silent towards someone? Were you doing it to punish the person, or because you needed the space? Remember, let your aim and goal be graceful.

11. We are all heart, and we give it freely.

“Just as rain showers on the land and brings green things, so on woman God showers His Blessing and brings forth from her heart humanity.”


12. We give men the opportunity to show grace.

“She is the better half.  If somebody opens the door for her it is no tragedy.  It is a male courtesy to his own grace…I am not asking you to become feminists, but to be very graceful, absolute women.” I am still working on allowing men to always open the door without feeling awkward sometimes.