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Ways to stop biting nails.

11 Ideas To Stop Nail Biting: Good Bye Mangled Nails!

If you are struggling to stop biting your nails, try to identify possible triggers (like anxiety or boredom). Keeping your nails short, getting manicures, wearing a wristband as a reminder not to bite nails, applying bitter nail polish, and using gloves or tape can help. So can decoupling and mindfulness meditation.
how to make your nails grow faster.

Tips To Make Your Nails Grow Faster

Your nails won’t grow overnight but some tips can help them along. Rub your nails together, buff your nails, and tap your fingers to stimulate growth. A nutritious balanced diet and proper nail care can also help keep your nails healthy and sturdy.

6 Subtle Warning Signs That You May Have Heart Disease

Dizziness may be a result of artery blockage that's lowering your blood pressure while extreme fatigue and blue nails could be indicative of a weak heart that's straining to send out enough oxygen to your organs. Frequent abdominal pain and swollen feet may be early warning signs of a heart attack or faulty cardiac valves. Research also suggests that poor oral health may point to an unhealthy heart.

Pamper Your Nails With An All-Natural DIY Manicure

Nail salons might slip up on the hygiene of their products. They might also use products that are loaded with chemicals, causing health complications in clients. So, opt for an at-home manicure instead. Before the treatment, soak your hands in warm milk to soften skin and cuticles. After the treatment, try a hot almond oil massage to prevent brittle nails. To avoid infections, be sure to keep your nails short and avoid cutting cuticles.
Creative New Ways To Use Olive Oil

7 Ways To Use Olive Oil You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Olive oil has earned its place in every kitchen. How often do you find an ingredient that’s healthy and can make anything it’s drizzled...
know collagen and its uses

6 Things You Should Know About Collagen

Collagen is an important structural protein that is crucial for giving our joints, hair, nails and even skin necessary strength and support. Its dietary sources are usually of animal origin but vitamin C containing foods can also increase its presence in the body. It can aid in healing a leaky gut and its intake can help in increasing your muscle mass. Its byproducts have a cardioprotective effect.
Rubbing alcohol is an effective remedy for cleaning and healthy living purposes

The Unbelievable Uses Of Alcohol: From Cleaning To Healthy Living

You must have heard of people using alcohol to clean a cut or a wound to reduce infection. Have you ever wondered the reason...

12 Alternative Ways To Put Your Mouthwash To Use

A mouthwash doesn't just keep your teeth clean and maintain oral hygiene! It can also be used for various other purposes. Due to its disinfectant properties, you can use it to treat wounds and fungal infections. It can also keep the surfaces of your kitchen germ-free. Read more to find out the different ways in which mouthwash can be used.

Your Health Is In Your ‘Hands’

Some people can tell our future just by looking at our hands. But our hands have hidden in them, another story - the state...
Alternate uses of vaporub

9 Alternative Uses Of Vapor Rub You Didn’t Know About

The active ingredients in VapoRub are camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. Together, these elements offer several benefits that can help you in your every day life. We all know that some VapoRub can reduce a chest congestion and cold. But, it does all that and more! From reducing headaches and joint pain, to repelling insects, there's little VapoRub can't do.
These problems can be solved at home with simple remedies

7 Medical Issues You Can Solve At Home Without A Doctor

With the right approach, problems can be fixed at home. A bulb syringe clears a clogged ear. Tweezers can be used to remove a tick, but don’t twist it. If you have a bruise or sprain, use the RICE method. A ring that’s stuck on your finger can be removed by moving swelling up the finger. Duct tape can remove warts, while warm salt water treats an ingrown toenail. Gingivitis can be cured with an anti-bacterial tea tree oil mouthwash.
how to stop your children from biting their nails

How To Stop Your Children From Biting Their Nails

Nail-biting or onychophagia is a common childhood habit that many struggle to break. Punishing or shaming a child never works. Distract young children with a snack, a toy, or a game. Older children can be encouraged to talk about triggers and devise ways to overcome them. Keeping records, wearing gloves for some time, or using a stress ball are some steps to try.

10 Ways To Make Clothes, Shoes, And Bags Last Longer

Rub a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to remove ink blots on bags. Apply wax to sneakers and blow dry them to make them waterproof. Dry shoes quickly and get rid of scuff marks by placing sanitary napkins in them and using petroleum jelly, respectively. Use a straightener to get rid of wrinkles on light fabric. Get rid of sweat stains with toothpaste. Remove fabric pilling with a razor and ink blots on clothes using a hand sanitizer.

3 Nail Problems And Their Natural Home Remedies

Nails are natural, protective outgrowths on our fingers and toes that often bear the brunt of all our activity. However, proper nail care is often ignored. Nails, though dead tissue, can develop fungal infections. These infections can be treated with coconut oil or citric acid patches. Likewise, brittle nails can be treated with biotin supplementation. Ridges on nails are a cause for concern when they are horizontal, and the underlying cause must be evaluated.

Effective Remedies For Dry, Damaged Nails

Our nails go through a lot. They are constantly exposed to harsh detergents and water, every time we wash our hands or use other...