Magical Herbs To Get You Through The Cold Season.

Magical Herbs To Get You Through The Cold Season.
Magical Herbs To Get You Through The Cold Season.

Fall is just around the corner. Soon trees will display a spectacular array of orange and red leaves, making the world seem as if it’s caught fire. However as fall approaches many of us will catch colds, even the flu and be in need of symptom relief and help recovering. Herbs are an excellent way to help you and your loved ones recover from colds, in a natural way. Below are a few herbs that can help you make it through the cold season.

3 Magical Herbs to get through the Cold season:


Echinacea is a well know herb for Immune System support, however some studies suggest it is also an excellent herb for reducing the severity of a cold. There are a few Side Effects and Interactions with Echinacea. Caffeine and other medications may interact and Side Effects can include nausea and vomiting as well as other effects. You can find Echinacea capsules and teas in many stores. Always follow the directions on the bottle or package, or talk to a trained Herbalist about what dosage is best.


Ginger is a common

spice used this time of year, lots of people making gingerbread and using ginger in teas, and meals. Ginger brings a delightful heat to foods and drinks, however it’s a great herb for colds. Ginger has a warming expectorant effect on the lungs, helping to dispel phlegm and mucus. Try a ginger tea when you have a cold. Ginger can cause Heartburn, and diarrhea. Ginger can interact with Anticoagulant medications, and Diabetes medications as well.


When you think of sage, you probably think of sausage or chicken dishes. Although sage is a culinary herb it is also useful for medicinal purposes too. Sage is great for sore throats, and the common cold. A mix of Sage tea and vinegar and then gargled can be effective for a sore throat. Sage Tea in general can be effective for a cold. Beware of side effects and interactions with medications. Sage can interact with medications for Diabetes, Seizures and Sedatives.

Enjoy the Holiday season:

Now that you know a few good ways to help you deal with colds, go ahead and carve a pumpkin, enjoy Halloween,

and go shopping for the Holidays with out fear. With these three basic herbs you and your family can enjoy the fall and winter seasons again.

The herbs mentioned above are available online and possibly in stores around your town. If your unsure about an herb contact your doctor or a trained herbalist for help. The Information above is only to Educate and Inform. This is not a means to diagnose or treat any illness.