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7 Flu Shot Alternatives To See You Through The Winter

Winter is the season of cold winds, snow, and the flu. Are flu shots your only way out? Not really. This winter, take the natural route and choose these flu shot alternatives. Certain plants and herbs can act as preventive measures and fight the virus, treat the symptoms if you're already sick, and boost your immune function. Be sure you include these foods in your regular diet to keep the flu at bay.

7 Natural Antibiotics You Can Use For Better Health

Nature has its own sources of antibiotics that may help fight bacterial infections. Honey, garlic, and ginger extracts are known for their antimicrobial properties and may reduce bacterial infections. Similarly, oregano and thyme essential oils may help as well. Echinacea extract may fight respiratory infections like a sore throat and myrrh extract may help as well.

6 Easy Home Remedies For Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are important members of the lymphatic and adaptive immune systems. When something goes wrong in the body, they get swollen and tender. Usually, it's in response to a bacterial or viral infection. The best way to return them to their normal size is by having natural antimicrobial agents like turmeric, echinacea, garlic, and onions. Other home remedies include gargling with salt water or getting a lymphatic massage done.

10 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known To Man

Every time you have a cold, flu, or an infection, it has become commonplace to pop an antibiotic pill and flush out the infection...

10 Disease-Fighting Herbs That Are Easy To Grow

Herbs need not be something you add to your dishes while cooking. With a little bit of interest and effort, you can have your very own herb garden at home. Many of the commonly found herbs have excellent health benefits and have been used for centuries. It's best to plant and nurture the herb that most suits to your ailment.

Echinacea Tea: Benefits And Side Effects

Echinacea, also known as coneflower, is abundantly found in the central and eastern part of North America and Canada. With various therapeutic properties that...
natural remedies for bronchitis

9 Natural Remedies For Bronchitis

If you've bronchitis, you're probably coughing up a storm. All natural remedies that can help thin the phlegm in your chest and get it moving include inhaling steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil added to the water, drinking copious amounts of water, and having warm soups, spicy foods. If your throat hurts, try warm honey-lemon water or gargling with salt water.

7 Healthy Teas You Should Be Drinking (Instead Of Coffee Or Soda)

Though many consider tea to be a British drink, that is far from the truth. The origin of tea lies in China, in the...

7 Antiviral Herbs To Boost Immune System & Fight Infections

There are more than 400 different viruses that can cause infections, including the common cold, the flu, hepatitis, mononucleosis and HIV. Many people choose...
Best Super Foods For Thyroid Health

The 8 Best Super Foods For Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland is small, but mighty because it controls and plays important roles in so many different functions of the body. There are...
10 Useful Tips And Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

10 Useful Tips And Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

Stay hydrated throughout the day, get at least 7-9 hrs of sleep, indulge in neti pot exercises, make sure you sweat a bit everyday, it releases toxins. Reduce your daily sugar intake, consume ginger tea regularly, include herbs like echinacea, Andrographis Paniculata and garlic in your diet. Consuming probiotics can also help boost immunity.
Home And Herbal Remedies For Tonsillitis

Home And Herbal Remedies For Tonsillitis

While the medicines for tonsillitis are many, you can help alleviate the condition by using a few herbs at home. This article gives you multiple herbs that can help improve your immune system, tackle the fever that comes with tonsillitis, and deal with other symptoms of the condition.
natural herbs for breast cancer

Natural Herbs For Breast Cancer

Some biological response modifiers, derivatives of herbs, hinder growth of cancer, while other herbs diminish lethal side effects and complications of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Herbs used to reduce breast cancer symptoms: Echinacea, Licorice, Cat’s Claw, Garlic, Flaxseed, Turmeric, Burdock, Green tea, Ginseng, Dandelion, broccoli, grapes, wheatgrass, etc.
Try These Herbal Supplements For Overall Good Health

Try These Herbal Supplements For Overall Good Health

Which Herbal Supplements Are Best? Here's information you need to sort the worthwhile from the worthless. Aloe Vera Aloe is a time-tested remedy for burns, including sunburn...
Magical Herbs To Get You Through The Cold Season.

Magical Herbs To Get You Through The Cold Season.

Fall is just around the corner. Soon trees will display a spectacular array of orange and red leaves, making the world seem as if...