4 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Relish The Goodness Of Yogurt

Your little one requires the right amount of nourishment on a regular basis. As many busy moms if you are in a frenzy to find the best foods that your baby likes, then yogurt is what you need. If your infant is more than 6 months of age, then it’s time to introduce solid foods. That’s when the super-nutritious food yogurt comes into the picture.

Yogurt is the only dairy product recommended by pediatricians for your baby, especially if she is new to solid foods. This is because, although milk protein is present in yogurt, it is already in a partially digested form by the lactobacillus. This makes yogurt much easier to digest and absorb by the naive digestive system of your baby.


Reasons Why Yogurt Is Good For Your Baby

A mini cup of yogurt a day is the best way to feed your young one, especially on days she is picky about eating. It’s a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A. These nutrients are of significance in your infant’s growth.1

1. It Soothes Their Little Tummies

yogurt boosts digestion in babies


Babies are very vulnerable to developing stomach colic and diarrhea. Yogurt that’s fermented has active cultures of lactobacillus in it. They help in balancing pH levels in the baby’s body and reduce stomach upset. Being a probiotic and alkaline food makes it very good for a baby’s gut.2

2. It Boosts Their Immunity

yogurt prevents diarrhea and infections


Yogurt being a rich reserve of lactic acid can enhance the functioning of your baby’s immune system. Regular consumption keeps almost all kinds of infections away. If your baby cries in pain during urination and shows signs of fever, then she could be suffering from a urinary tract infection. Feeding your baby yogurt daily is a good way to stimulate the infection to clear up.

Even if your child is down with jaundice or any other liver disorders, adding yogurt to her diet can help in reducing the built up nitrogen-rich wastes.


3. Ensures They Have Restful Sleep

yogurt helps babies sleep well

If your little one has enough physical activity, sleep wouldn’t be an issue. But if your baby finds it hard to fall asleep, feed her yogurt during dinner time. It will help her sleep well and wake up feeling bright and bubbly.


4. It Strengthens Their Bones And Vital Organs

calcium in yogurt strengthens bones and muscles


Yogurt is loaded with nutrients that the bones, teeth, and muscles in your growing baby’s body love! The calcium in it makes sure that with regular intake of yogurt, your baby enjoyed the benefits of a sturdy skeletal system. It’s also rich in B complex vitamins that are needed for the normal brain and heart development.


Proteins are also present in considerable amounts in yogurt which are crucial for regulating bodily processes and producing structural tissues in your baby’s body.3

Before you make yogurt a staple in your tiny tot’s diet you need to keep a few things in mind. Always buy yogurt made using whole milk as its higher fat content is needed for your child’s overall growth and development. Store-bought flavored yogurts have added sugar and other preservatives. You can instead add your child’s favorite fresh fruit to plain yogurt instead.


If your baby develops symptoms like stomach cramps or fever or diarrhea or constipation once you start feeding her yogurt, then it’s best avoided. Watch how her body reacts for 3 to 5 days after yogurt consumption. If it’s a green signal from her side, let her revel in the goodness of yogurt!