10 Habits Of Happy Couples Who Have Sex Regularly

This is how couples keep the spark alive in the long run

It’s rare to see couples that still keep that sexy spark going well past the honeymoon stage. You may think that these couples have some crazy libido that just keeps them at it forever, but the truth is, you and your partner can have just as fulfilling a sexual relationship as they do. Try including these simple habits in your sex life.

1. They Keep Their Emotional Connection Alive

Healthy couples make sure to spend quality time together


These couples try to make sure they’re intimate in more ways than just physically. When you emotionally connect with someone, you’re more likely to want to express your love for them. If you and your partner are seeing that fiery passion in the bedroom burning down to just warm embers, it may be time for that special date night out. Or even just a picnic in the park is a great way to get the conversation going.

2. They Spend Time Apart

They make sure not to lose their friends and spend time apart.


It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Spending time apart allows both of you to rediscover each other and learn something new. Even just a regular girls’ night out or guys’ night out is important to work in. Try to get involved in activities by yourselves without the other so that you have something that’s intriguing to the other. It’s a great way to feel like you’re still getting to know each other, reminiscent of the first few months of your relationship.

3. They Make Time For Sex

They schedule sex rather than wait for the right moment


Healthy couples know that sex isn’t always a spontaneous in-the-moment thing. Sometimes, it’s important to schedule some time especially around housework, jobs, and kids. People tend to stay away from scheduled sex because it’s ‘unromantic’. There’s nothing unromantic about finding time to increase intimacy and strengthen your relationship. Sex doesn’t have to be any less fun just because it’s jotted down in a calendar.

4. They Reciprocate

Both parties give and receive in the bedroom.


Sex is an equal play of giving and receiving for these couples. Just because one of them finishes it doesn’t signal the end of sex. They’re just as focused on giving pleasure as they are about receiving it.

5. They Start The Foreplay Way Before The Bedroom

Couples may send each other texts throughout the day


Smart couples don’t leave foreplay all the way till the bedroom. The build up can start right from a long, passionate kiss goodbye in the morning, perhaps a sexy text during the day, or even just a lingering look over the breakfast table. It’s easier to be turned on in the evening when you’ve been anticipating something all day.

6. They Have Equality Outside The Bedroom

Both contribute equally to keeping the house in order.


Couples who share the housework and other chores seem happier with their sex lives. This is because there is a perceived equality within their relationship. It boosts both of their self-esteem within the relationship and they prevent fights over “who does more” for the relationship.

7. They Don’t Reject Sex With Just A “No”

Sex is often rescheduled to a later date.


Of course, consent is always important and a no should always mean no. However, in a long term relationship, when one person constantly does the initiating and is rejected more often than not, it can lead to resentment and frustration. Instead of flat out saying no, the other may choose to stick to foreplay or reschedule sex for another day. This way the one initiating doesn’t resent being rejected and knows that the dry spell is not unending.

8. They Don’t Have To Be Perfect Every Time

Healthy couples aren’t afraid to laugh or have fun in the bedroom.

Sex in real life is very different from what we see in the movies. Things don’t always go to plan and there may be some strange noises involved. These couples aren’t afraid to laugh when that happens. Sex can be funny to them just as it is fun. This takes a lot of the pressure to be perfectly sexy, off their shoulders.

9. They’re Vocal About What They Like

Couples should make sure to talk about sex openly

They’re not afraid to talk about sex openly with their partner. If there’s something that really worked, they let the other know. If there’s something that they didn’t like, rather than pointing out that it didn’t work, they might direct their partner to do other things that turn them on instead.

10. They’re Comfortable In Their Skin

It helps when both partners have good self-esteem.

Sex is far more enjoyable when both partners are confident and feel good about their bodies. They won’t hold anything back from each other and they will be ready to enjoy each other’s bodies without inhibition as well. To these couples, it doesn’t matter if someone isn’t completely clean shaven or the other’s still carrying some holiday weight.

These are small tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Try to consciously practice them and watch them take your relationship to new heights.