Chi Gong and Tai Chi: The Ancient Chinese Practices for Energy Balance

Chi Gong and Tai Chi -The Ancient Chinese Practices for Energy Balance
Chi Gong and Tai Chi -The Ancient Chinese Practices for Energy Balance

Ignoring the Truth:

Dismissing ancient practices is akin to foolishly disregarding its historical journey and the entrenched factors for its survival and adoption even today. Just because they don’t imply prescriptions or pills, it does not mean that they have no scientific base. Actually, they are based upon much greater science, a science that is beyond our anatomy, and goes for the source of our issues. These practices study matter, energy – they study the very source of everything, including our troubles.

While evolving, we have left behind some of our primitive or old ideas because they do not adhere to our evolved scientific minds that need “logic” or rationale to accept anything. But alternative practices, have fortunately survived the times, proving to be our only salvation for a healthy life….the real life.


The Science of Yin Yan:

Tai chi and Chi gong are traditional Chinese movement exercises. Qigong, Chi gong, Chi Kung – they differ in spelling, but define the same concept. Chi Gong is based on the classic principles of Taoism, and its name itself stands for practicing and working with air, with energy. The Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan can be translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’. Both are based on the two principles:

  • Energy, called qi or chi, flows through the body along “energy pathways” called meridians. Imbalances or blockages in the flow of chi along the pathways can lead to illness.
  • Nature, including the body, consists of opposing forces called yin and yang, whose balance is the key to good health.

People who practice tai chi and qi gong movements attempt to increase energy (chi or qi) flow and restore the body’s balance of yin and yang through gentle, graceful, repeated movements. People use tai chi and qi gong to improve posture, balance, coordination, endurance, immunity,and flexibility and to maintain good health and quality of life.


Finding the Ethereal Balance:

These ancient practices cover many areas and are possible through a variety of techniques – meditation, dynamic exercise, therapeutic exercise. It is necessary to slow down and understand the life forces and energies within us. With meditation, we make the first important step into relaxing and healing our minds. We breathe in, we breathe out, we are relaxed deeply and we are happy and grateful to just be. We are present.

With this knowledge, we move on towards healing our physical body. We can add any kind of physical Qigong practice to our lifestyle. Even if you have already taken on jogging, going to the gym, swimming or what have you – adding some energy-based principles to your exercise will make you even more positive. All you have to do is perhaps a little research. Like in the link below, there are plenty of exercises that you can try anywhere.


It only takes the will to change and detoxify your life, some time with yourself, and the practice of complete harmony within ourselves and with nature, on all levels.