Your Feelings Are The Language That Connects You To Your Body & Everything Else In The Universe.

Your Feelings Are The Language That Connects You To Your Body & Everything Else In The Universe
Your Feelings Are The Language That Connects You To Your Body & Everything Else In The Universe

It has come to my conclusion that we are constantly searching for answers that are beyond what science can provide us, or could – science has come to similar conclusions, but they are explained in a much less romantic way. And I believe that answers that belong to the spiritual questions have to be told in a spiritual way that combines science with feelings. It is difficult to tell the story behind the science of the soul without including the very base for it- the feelings, the heart.

Heart: The Center of Energy

In this tone, you might like to know that our hearts have an electromagnetic field, larger than our brains, the largest of electromagnetic field in the body, actually. Our hearts also remember, also process information. This means that “thinking with your heart” is actually possible. The heart is like a sponge for emotions, and receiving positive energy from positive emotions (such as love and gratitude) will help us evolve on a spiritual level.

Also, when we are receiving positive influence whether from the inside or outside, it affects

us on the inside, which can prove to be contagious, and spread around you like the beautiful smell of flowers in spring – only we can’t see, smell or hear the positive and healing energy. We can only feel it, and we need an open mind and heart in order to feel its presence.

The Power of Positive Influence:

We have the power to influence not only our bodies and the people around us, but also the physical reality, which we will find to be subjective. Our thoughts and feelings have their own vibrations, and they can change everything, because one change leads to another one, and so, with only our thoughts, we are responsible for a positive chain reaction.

I believe it was the late comedian Bill Hicks who marvelously said that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.” Well, he wasn’t a scientist, but he remains a visionary.

Even through science we now know –or at least suspect- that everything, in fact, is energy.

We must not forget what this means – that we are all connected, and we are connected with everything. Atom with atom, we are all energy, and every single thought carries his own energy, be it high or low. And because we are interconnected, every strain of energy makes waves; it passes, like light, through everything it touches.

We must understand that we are our own masters. Understanding the fact that we can use our feelings and thoughts in a good way can bring about healing, internal and external and it can only be beneficial. We are the only ones responsible for living in better realities.

My words may be insufficiently well organized in this matter, but in this video below, Gregg Braden will certainly clarify the above ideas.