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7 Health Benefits Of Beet Greens You Should Know Of

The potassium content of beet greens removes excess sodium in the body to relieve high blood pressure. It also reduces calcium-loss through urine and maintains calcium levels in it to prevent osteoporosis and the occurrence of kidney stones. Vitamin C and E in beet greens prevent age-related vision loss and skin problems.

7 Health Benefits Of Lemons: Reasons To Zest Up Your Diet

Vitamin C in lemons lowers the risk of ischemic stroke and heart disease, reduces the symptoms and duration of a cold, and keeps skin healthy. Citric acid in them improves absorption of iron from plant-based food sources and prevents the formation of kidney stones. Besides this, plant compounds in lemons act as antioxidants and aids weight loss and prevents cancer.

8 Health Benefits Of Figs You Should Know Of

Both dried and fresh figs are great sources of antioxidants that lower blood glucose levels, fight skin disorders and wrinkles, and prevent the incidence and progression of Alzheimer's disease. Soluble fiber in figs fights colon cancer, maintains gut health, reduces cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, and prevents weight gain.

10 Health Benefits Of Blackberries That You Should Know Of

Blackberries owe most of their health benefits to their high-antioxidant content. They promote brain health, prevent gum disease and cavities, reduce the formation of cancer-causing substances, and fight skin aging. In addition to this, vitamin A and C in these berries strengthen the immune system while fiber fights weight gain and keeps the gut healthy.

10 Health Benefits Of Pears: Reasons To Relish This Fruit Today

Regular consumption of pears may reduce the incidence of stroke. In addition this, its nutrient content may aid in maintaining bone health, preventing and fighting the symptoms of anemia, preventing birth defects, and reducing the signs of aging. Fiber in pears lowers the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight gain.

10 Benefits Of Apricots: Fruits In The Nutritional Big League

Apricots may not be the most popular of fruits but consuming them regularly can promote heart health, keep skin disorders at bay, fight off gastrointestinal disorders, and keep bones healthy. In addition to this, studies have linked apricot consumption to lowered risk of age-related vision loss, better hair health, and a lowered risk of fatty liver disease.

Health Benefits Of Blueberries: 11 Reasons Why You Should Stock Up On This Superfood

Consuming a cup of blueberries three times a week can lower blood pressure, promote heart health, improve brain function, and maintain bone health. In addition to this, blueberries can fight the symptoms of skin aging, diabetes, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Its low-calorie, high-nutrition nature makes it a good diet food.

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