Prosperity Essential Oils For Wealth Attraction

Plant aromatics have been used for thousands of year to enhance one’s prosperity consciousness for wealth attraction.

Prosperity oils work on all four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Their application either alone or in a synergy blend amplifies your electro-magnetic energy field and aligns you with the ‘sattva’ higher frequency energies of prosperity consciousness for wealth attraction.


Traditional Use Of Wealth Attraction Oils

Traditional use of aromatic oils to attract prosperity has been practiced for thousands of years by some of our world’s most renowned cultures.

Wealth attraction formulas were often inherited through one’s family lineage as a practice for passing on the family’s prosperity and ensure the family’s continued attraction of riches.


Many prosperity oils are considered “holy” oils and used traditionally in sacred healing rituals, as well as ceremonial rites of passage, purification and wealth attraction.

Prosperity oils are mood enhancers and aphrodisiacs which promote good feelings and an aura of attraction. As you know when you feel good, good things seem to naturally come your way.


Many of the prosperity oils are spice oils known for their strong curative properties. Throughout history, health has been considered the most valuable commodity one could have. So any means to ensure continued “good” health was always highly valued and vigorously sought out. Additionally for centuries ancient cultures traded spice oils from the orient. They were considered more valuable than gold.

The etheric quality of essential oils makes them inherently high-frequency energy attractors. The subtle aromatic qualities of prosperity oils give them powerful resonance with the frequency of wealth and an undisputed reputation for attracting abundance.


10 Traditional Wealth Attraction Oils

1. Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

A gentle wood oil that’s lightly sweet, spicy and round. Sandalwood oil has a deep resonant character. It is popular for stabilizing and synchronizing energies. Its aromatic fortifying qualities are lasting.

A known aphrodisiac sandalwood oil is used extensively in Indian temples, as well as in churches around the world in religious ceremonies for worshiping the divine.


2. Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha)

Strong, sweet and woody myrrh oil’s enduring aroma anchors other essential oils in a synergy blend.

An ancient and sacred oil with a strong, sweet, woody and enduring aroma. Traditionally myrrh oil has been used for enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being. It is an excellent aid to the healthy functioning of the limbic (emotional center) of your brain. It has a special affinity for the endocrine (hormonal) glands and is useful for promoting circulation within the endocrine glands and associated chakra centers.


3. Spikenard (Nardostachys Jatamansi)

A deep rich, mellow-spice aroma that’s woody, earthy and sweet Spikenard, also called Narde, is lasting and gives depth to any blend.

A valued oil since ancient times spikenard has often been used in anointing rituals and religious ceremonies. It was the foot balm Mary Magdalene used to anoint her master’s feet in the New Testament of the Bible.


4. Frankincense (Boswellia Frereana)

One of the ‘Holy’ oils from ancient times when it was considered more valuable than gold frankincense oil has a powerful and enticing wood aroma that sweetly sparkles with freshness and a hint of spice. Frankincense oil maintains its integrity in any blend.

5. Galbanum (Ferula Galbaniflua)

An ancient oil galbanum’s scent is described as “intensely green.” Traditionally galbanum has been used for making incense and is mentioned in the Book of Exodus 30:34 for this purpose. The ancient Egyptians highly favored galbanum as a holy plant aromatic and the reputed “green” incense of ancient Egypt is thought to be galbanum.

6. Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis)

A rejuvenating and uplifting tonic sweet orange oil has an intensely sweet and fresh aroma that’s friendly, warm and inviting.

Mentioned in Chinese literature in 314 BC oranges make a wonderful nerve tonic. A happy oil with the scent of sweet oranges promotes relief of physical and emotional tension.

Caution: May cause photosensitivity. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight after skin application for up to 12 hours.

7. Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

In the first century AD, ginger was exported to Europe via India as part of the lucrative spice trade. Ginger was used extensively by the Romans.

Warm and spicy, dry and hot ginger oil’s stimulating properties are well documented. If you are feeling energetically diminished fresh ginger root oil will encourage and sustain your life force energies while restoring the flow of stagnant chi (life force energy).

8. Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin)

Patchouli oil’s unmistakable heady aroma sings its warm hypnotic hum to your senses with remarkable results. Originating in southeast Asia patchouli has been used for thousands of years. The early European traders were reported to have exchanged one pound of patchouli for a pound of gold.

9. Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

Cinnamon leaf oil is a powerful antiseptic with a warm, strong pungent and spicy aroma and reddish brown color. It has a long tradition of use, having been produced in Sri Lanka for more than 2,000 years.

Historically cinnamon oil was used in the Middle East and Orient for combating viruses and infectious disease.

Caution: Cinnamon leaf oil is suitable for skin application in weak dilutions of less than 1%.

10. Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllata)

A deep yellowish brown oil with a spicy pepper aroma clove bud oil is a valuable first-aid oil for use alone or in a blend.

Clove bud oil shares similar antiseptic and anti-microbial qualities as cinnamon leaf oil. Use clove oil to help restore the loss of your inner drive and motivation.

Caution: Clove oil is known to irritate the skin and mucous membranes and generally not for use in skin except in extremely weak dilutions of less than 1%. Please respect the power inherent in clove oil and use with extreme care.

Wealth Attraction Formula


To a 5 ml (100 fluid drops) colored glass euro-dropper bottle add:

  • Sandalwood – 20 drops
  • Frankincense – 10 drops
  • Patchouli – 10 drops
  • Sweet Orange – 30 drops
  • Spikenard – 5 drops
  • Ginger – 5 drops
  • Myrrh – 5 drops
  • Cinnamon Leaf – 5 drops
  • Clove – 5 drops
  • Galbanum – 2-3 drops


  • Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to thoroughly blend oils.
  • Allow to synergize for 8+ hours before using.
  • Dispense 1-3 drops on cotton ball or smell strip and inhale, or use in a diffuser or as an aromatic mist.

Caution: Please keep oils away from eyes and do not apply oil directly on any open sores as this can cause sensitization to essential oils.