Ayurvedic Remedies For Acne

Every individual suffering from acne has one question in mind – why does acne occur and why me?

The general answer we find is due to

  • Oil production
  • Dead skin cells
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

Ayurveda goes beyond these explanations and shows – what causes excessive oil production, dead cells, clogged pores and bacterial growth?

When the vata and pitta located in our skin and blood gets provoked due to metabolic waste products in blood, hormonal imbalances, stress, bad skin hygiene, spicy and fried food intake, irregular eating and sleeping habits, constipated bowels, they erupt out of our skin (especially on face) in the form of acne.


So the first step in using the ayurvedic tips would be to get rid of the above causative factors

  • Wash you face at least thrice a day with water at room temperature.
  • Regularize the sleeping habits (10 PM- 5 AM being ideal).
  • Aim for chemical-free skin, avoid using too many creams and make-up.
  • Consult your ayurveda doctor for hormonal imbalances.
  • Eat all the locally available seasonal fruits (at least one fruit/day). The reason being, they provide all the micronutrients that are good for skin and help in detoxifying our bodies. While fruits such as strawberries, avocados, apricots are favored as best skin foods, it’s just that the other fruits are not given a chance. All fruits work wonders on your skin so just give them a chance!
  • Avoid the food that clog your digestive system and thus clog your skin- fast foods, soft drinks, packaged foods that are full of artificial preservatives. The same old mantra! However, there is just no other master key to health.
  • Drink hot-warm water in an empty stomach, 2 hours after meals and bedtime to keep the body heat away.
    Second step would be trying these external and internal remedies.

External Remedies

Single Herbs

Yastimadhu (licorice), manjistha (Indian madder), khadira (acacia catechu), mustha (nut grass), lodhra (symplocos bark), haridra (turmeric), chandan (sandalwood), haritaki, amalki, vibhitaka (all three together known as triphala), shatavari (Indian asparagus), sunthi (dry ginger), kumari (aloe vera).


Ayurvedic Classical Preparations

Kumkumadi lepam, mukhadooshikari lepam.

All these herbs can be used individually or together in powder form as a 3 in 1 formula (face wash + face scrub+ face pack).


For Skincare

  • Make a paste by adding rose water or amla juice.
  • Apply it all over your face and let it dry completely.
  • Once the paste is dry, wet it and scrub it off gently.
  • Wash the face with normal water or cold water.
  • Modify the recipe according to normal, oily or dry skin.

This can be done every alternate day until acne is healed completely!

Internal Remedies

The greatest pharmacy of all times according to ayurveda is our kitchen. And that’s especially very true for acne. Use any one of these or as many of these as possible on a regular basis to get rid of your acne and also end up with lustrous, glowing skin!


Lauki (White Gourd)

It is super healthy whether consumed in cooked form or as extracted juice. Peel off skin of your lauki and cut into pieces which can be used in blender. Blend them to a smoothie thick consistency and add water, black pepper, honey, mint leaves or salt as per your taste. Drink this super healthy juice daily for 21 days and say good bye to your skin problems.

Lauki juice internally cleanses your system; it helps to promote good skin by keeping pimples away and by balancing the secretion of oil.


Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

This superfood can be consumed as a fruit, juice or dried powder form. Take 1 tspn powder or 25 ml fresh juice or 2 fresh fruits with 1 tspn honey daily in the morning in an empty stomach. By regulating the body pitta, rejuvenating the skin cells and purifying the blood, this remedy will help you get rid of your acne permanently.

Yastimadhu (Licorice)

As one of the best single herbs for the skin, it can be consumed in powder form. Take 1/2 licorice powder in 1 cup hot milk daily in the morning or evening. By unclogging your pores and providing a hormonal balance it takes good care of your acne.



Ayurveda is sometimes synonymous with triphala. It is easily available in tablet, capsule or powder form. Best method of taking triphala for skin is – 1 tspn with hot water as soon as you get up in the morning.

It balances the tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha), detoxifies the whole body, promotes healthy bowel movement, acts as an anti-oxidant, fights against bad bacteria and helps in your acne healing.


Rightly named as ayurveda gold, fresh turmeric juice is one of the best remedies for acne. Take 1 tspn fresh turmeric juice with 1 tspn honey followed by luke warm water. This regime is suitable for all age groups and has multiple benefits.

Aragvadha (Casia Fistula)

The Sanskrit word aragvadha literally means that which eliminates the diseases and is popular as a common herb among ayurvedic physicians. The anti-bacterial activity of the fruits pulp is beneficial for common skin infections such as acne due to fungi and bacteria.

As a household remedy, take 10 gms fruit pulp of aragvadha with 10 black raisins. Boil it in half liter of water, till 1/8 part of it remains (60 ml approx.). Drink this liquid in the morning in an empty stomach.

Acne is although a very small health problem, it can create havoc with our self-image, confidence and scar our beauty. If you are looking for a permanent solution to it, go for ayurveda. There are many other ayurvedic medicines and treatments which may work wonders. It depends on every individual’s bio-physical constitution and nature (prakruti).

Try the above remedies or consult a good ayurveda physician and become acne free.