Dr. Maitri Nagar

I'm Dr. Maitri- an alternative (ayurveda) medicine practitioner, yoga instructor, diet and nutrition expert by qualification, profession and passion! 🙂 Somehow, since childhood popping pills didn't appeal to me. That made me implore various options for healthy living. And hence the constant involvement with the three strongest pillars of health- diet, exercise and natural lifestyle. I specialize in the treatment of- Rheumatoid arthritis, musculo-skeletal anomalies, paralysis, cholesterol, asthma, migraine, dermatological and Trico-logical issues, and gynaecological disorders. In my years of practice I have learned that WHERE THERE IS A PROBLEM THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION. I am here to help you find the health solution, getting in shape and doing it Nature’s way.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Infertility

Follow simple dietary tweaks like consuming ginger tea in morning; parched rice+300ml milk+a dash of nutmeg powder (for males)/cardamom powder (for females)+sugar candy to taste for your breakfast/dinner; turmeric saffron milk at bedtime. Try herbs like gokshura, kum kuma, varahikand. Practice yoga and avoid or reduce alcohol, tobacco, or too much of caffeine.

Ulcer During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Eat small, frequent, and light meals. Include more of beneficial foods like cow's ghee, boiled bottle gourd, almonds in paste form, pumpkin or drumstick soup, while slash the trigger foods like tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, and chilis. Try drinking 2/3c hot milk+1/3c water+a dash of cardamom powder or an infusion of licorice+clarified butter+turmeric.

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips

An ayurvedic diet during pregnancy helps to establish a balance in the mind, body and behavior. The nourishment the mother receives in her diet helps in the formation of breast milk, and growth of the baby. Because of this, there are certain foods to avoid. Foods that could lead to fatigue, stress, and digestive issues shouldn’t be consumed.

Ayurvedic Remedies For Acne

Take 1t amla powder or 25ml fresh amla juice with 1t honey daily morning in an empty stomach. Equally beneficial will be 1t triphala in lukewarm water, 1/2t licorice powder in 1c hot milk, or a decoction of 10 black raisins and 10g fruit pulp of aragvadha (Casia Fistula). You can also try ayurvedic formulations like kumkumadi lepam or mukhadooshikari lepam.

5 Yoga Poses To Prepare For Childbirth

Hoping to conceive or getting ready for childbirth? Practice these simple Yoga asanas every day to strengthen your body for the arduous journey ahead.

10 Simple Tips For Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Wake up early to get in some morning sunshine. Try magic potions like warm lemon water or an infusion of ginger, holy basil, pepper, mint, and fennel seed powder to start off your day. Massage your body with warm sesame oil before bathing. Eat light and comforting foods like moong dal khichdi. Instill 2 drops of lukewarm cow's ghee in both nostrils at bedtime.

14 Incompatible Food Combinations You Must Avoid

Despite our healthy diets, incompatible food combinations can lead to low immunity, digestive upsets, and allergies. Don't combine milk with veggies, eggs, pulses, or fruit to avoid disturbing digestive enzymes. Don't mix ghee and honey in equal amounts. Avoid curd and buttermilk at night. Don't eat chicken and pork in combination or on the same day. Don't mix uncooked and cooked food.

What Are The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Spread a few drops of oil/ghee on your feet, rub gently for 2-10 mins using the smooth surface of a metallic ball, wash with warm water. This massage alleviates anxiety, induces state of relaxation, brings sound sleep, releases stress and tension, improves blood circulation and digestion, rejuvenates the whole body, eradicates pain and improves eye sight.

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