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6 Easy Hair Oil Recipes You Should Try

Hair oil can be easily prepared at home using readily available herbs. These highly nutritious herbal liquids nourish your hair far more than a range of cosmetic products stacked up at the nearest retail outlets. Hibiscus, amla, basil, and bhringraj are a few herbs commonly used for the preparation of hair oils. Liquids infused with these herbs are instrumental in fighting several hair problems.

5 Natural Ways To Stop Excess Vaginal Discharge

Leucorrhea, or vaginal discharge, may or may not be normal. If the amount or color changes, visit the doctor ASAP. Foul odor and itching are tell-tale signs of an infection. You can also try herbal remedies to reduce discharge. Traditional medicine has used spices like sumac, anise, and sorrel to treat leucorrhea. Additional natural remedies include amla berry, one of the top ayurvedic treatments, and olive. Even when using these treatments, be sure to get a potential infection checked out.

7 Home Remedies To Make Your Hair Voluminous

Hair thinning is a major problem these days due to the use of harmful hair care products and heat treatments. Indian gooseberry, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, onion juice and orange juice can help you reverse hair thinning, reduce hair fall, and make your hair voluminous. However, using these remedies is not recommended if you have any cuts or wounds on your scalp.
Foods to eat to reduce body odor

7 Foods That Can Reduce Body Odor

When it comes to health and beauty, body odor is often overlooked. Bad odor can be eliminated by eating certain foods. Parsley cleanses breath, cinnamic aldehyde in cinnamon kills oral germs, and a meat-less vegetable diet leads to pleasant, less-intense body odor. Chlorophyll in wheatgrass eliminates fishy smells and yogurt treats bacterial infection and vaginal odor. Indian gooseberry maintains PH levels and sage has antibacterial properties that eliminate foul smells.
Home remedies can be used to regulate hormonal imbalance and irregular periods

8 Home Remedies To Tackle Irregular Periods Naturally

Has your menstrual cycle altered its usual pattern and appeared unannounced, either before or after the expected date? This need not be a reason...
Use lemon to get relief from asthma.

How To Use Lemon For Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that makes breathing difficult for you. The airways in your lungs get affected when you suffer from asthma. Your...
: Curry leaves can stimulate your hair growth.

7 Natural Ways To Use Curry Leaves To Increase Hair Growth

Looking for an inexpensive home remedy to restore some life back to your damaged hair? You may know that mayonnaise, honey, and apple cider...

6 Easy Ayurvedic Remedies To Get Rid Of Gray Hair

If you are struggling to control premature gray hair issues, try natural remedies like a combination of henna and amla or shikakai with amla. Other options are massaging your scalp with onion juice or castor oil. Apply a mix of buttermilk and curry leaves on your scalp and the length of your hair as well.

10 Easy Home Remedies For Asthma

Living with asthma is not easy. You never know when the next attack is going to happen and what the trigger could be. Medically,...
yurveda face masks for instant glowing skin

DIY Ayurvedic Face Packs For Instant Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic face packs are free of chemicals and have least side effects. Papaya, Indian gooseberry, and avocados promote various skin benefits. They have anti-aging, anti-microbial, moisturizing, and skin-tightening properties. The combinations of each give instant glow and fairness to the skin.

6 Natural Treatments To Fight Scurvy Effectively

Vitamin-C is vital for collagen production in the body, which is required for tissue growth and development. A deficiency of the same causes scurvy where your joints become weak and inflamed and gums become spongy. Apart from consuming vitamin-C rich foods, trying home remedies using lime, lemon, Indian gooseberries, white lilac flowers, and raw mango powder help.

Benefits Of Brahmi Amla Oil For Healthy Hair

Hair fall and other hair related problems commonly affect many people around the world. Often, natural and inexpensive alternatives such as brahmi-amla hair oil are more effective in treating these problems. Alopecia, premature graying, dandruff and many other problems can be cured and prevented by using brahmi-amla hair oil. Some major hair conditions that can be treated with brahmi-amla hair oil are mentioned here.

10 Completely Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Are you tired of finding your hair everywhere you go? Have you stopped brushing your hair in the fear of losing more in the...

Ayurvedic Remedies For Acne

Take 1t amla powder or 25ml fresh amla juice with 1t honey daily morning in an empty stomach. Equally beneficial will be 1t triphala in lukewarm water, 1/2t licorice powder in 1c hot milk, or a decoction of 10 black raisins and 10g fruit pulp of aragvadha (Casia Fistula). You can also try ayurvedic formulations like kumkumadi lepam or mukhadooshikari lepam.

7 Health Benefits of Amla: The Power House Of Nutrition

Amla or the Indian gooseberry offers more vitamin C than even an orange. It has the ability to fight off multiple cancers and prevent cardiovascular disease by balancing cholesterol levels and fighting free radicals. Amla is a fruit for diabetics as it naturally lowers blood glucose levels. It has proven benefits for digestion and can treat diarrhea, dysentery, and jaundice. This natural antibacterial fruit can even keep your teeth cavities at bay.